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Traces of Time...July 20-26, 2015

Traces of Time . . . 
This week ~ July 20 to 26, 2015 ~ in IDAHO.

July 20, 2015 - Monday


July 21, 2015 - Tuesday

next Saw Dr. Crane for the 5-month x-ray and check of the Feb. 20 hip surgery.



July 22, 2015 - Wednesday

next   Ruth Melling called to have Walt and Darrell Roskelley come to give Don a priesthood blessing. He was just diagnosed as having a kidney infection.

To the temple and back in time for the viewing for Lovell Turner


July 23, 2015 - Thursday

next Kathleen Hedberg came to help us with and Ancestral Quest

Then we went to the funeral of Lovell Turner


July 24, 2015 - Friday

next Pioneer Day

Kathleen came at 10:00 to help us more with

We went to see Don and Ruth Melling.

Janie and Shawn drove to Declo/Burley with Sam, Ashley, and Michael.  They were planning to have some water fun at Grandpa Fisher's water front docks.  However, it was raining really hard.  
While they waited for us to get back from Countryside Rehab in Rupert, they pulled all the weeds from our front flower beds.  And there were a lot of weeds.

What a great service! And so appreciated.

We had supper at The Wayside Café just off the Rupert Interstate exit.

Then we had a great time watching the photos from their driving through Europe during the later two weeks of June.


July 25, 2015 - Saturday

next  Following our tradition now when family visits, we had breakfast at Charlie's Café.

Then they went over to Shawn's Dad's place to skidoo, play in the water, and drive the four wheeler.

I dashed over to Lori Baker's baby shower for about 30 minutes before Ross & Karen Taylor who were in town for the weekend to go to Roskelley's speaking in Sacrament Meeting before they leave August 3rd for their mission.

Then we got to go over to have a picnic lunch with Fishers.
We got back to Burley just in time to get to the Open House for Elden and Picola Wood--for his 90th birthday, and her 85th birthday.  They are just back from their 7th mission.  This time it was to Nova Scotia Temple.

We ended the evening watching the Lawrence Welk Show and an old 1947 movie with Shirley Temple and Ronald Reagan.


July 26, 2015 - Sunday

next  Darrell and MaryAnn Roskelley did a great job of speaking in Sacrament Meeting.  Sistter Roskelley spoke about 
and Elder Roskelley spoke about how the Book of Mormon testifies of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

The Roskelley's had invited us to come to lunch at their home.  We enjoyed delicious pulled pork sandwiches, lots of salad choices and chocolate desserts.

Some of our friends who were here from out of town were Kathy Anderson and her daughter Terra.  Kip Anderson was getting himself and a grandson to go to Boy Scout Camp early tomorrow morning.

Ross and Karen Taylor along with other neighbors--Scott Bloxham, Dan Black, Ken, Bonnie, and Chris Fronk, Brian and Debra Barlow.

Roskelleys had helped do George and Jacque Gorton's lunch for family and friends last week, and today the Gorton's helped do the Roskelley's lunch.

Darrell and MaryAnn said this was the first time in many years that they have had their three daughters, their husbands, and all the grandchildren together at the same time.

It was very fun to talk with Jennifer, Lori, and Alyson. Jennifer lives in Rexburg, Lorin in Seattle area, and Alyson in Jerome.

With their immediate and extended family and friends they probably had a total of  over 50.  Some of their extended family had long drives back, so they had served them right after Sacrament Meeting. 

Bonnie Fronk taught another great Gospel Doctrine lesson (#27) on the Resurrection of the Savior and personalized it as to what the resurrection means to us individually.

Julie and John came and picked up Max while we were at Roskelley's.

We pray you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.

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