Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's June...

♪♫June is bustin’ out all over♫♪♫♪
       …all over the meadows and the hills,
         …buds are bustin’ outa bushes and
           …the rompin’ river pushes all the
              …little wheels that wheel beside the mill.
Here we are - Saturday, June 1st, 2013...
We were  up at 3:00 a.m., opened the temple at 4:00 a.m., and had 8 sisters receive their temple endowment, and 5 brothers.
Plus many of the sessions were overflowing.
We wish it could be that busy in the temple every day.

Today, Sunday, June 2 we spoke at two sessions of the San Salvador El Salvador Stake Conference.
The first one -- 9:00-11:00 -- was at the Barrio America - which I think is their stake center.
Here we are with Elder Ricardo Valladares, Area 70 from Tegucigalpa, Honduras who presided at the conference.  We had been with him several times in the Nicaragua Managua Mission when he was the Mission President in 2004-2006 when we were serving as the Area Medical Advisors (well I was a helper to the Medical Advisor).

After a delicious lunch they served right after this first session, we drove an hour to Zacatecoluca for the afternoon session - 2:00-4:00. (I practiced all day on pronouncing it correctly and I finally got it:  Zaca - teco - luca, said really, really fast.)
Above: Walt even liked the drink made from the juice of strawberries and watermelon.
(Most know that he doesn't like watermelon because his Grampa Bide didn't like it.)
Our guides for the day were Herbert Castillo y Daniella Hernández.
They've been married 5 months.  He has been a member for four years, and she a member for 2 months.  They are a darling couple.
Many people have told us that she is a famous singer here in El Salvador.  She is very beautiful in person and spirit, and also very humble.  We had a delightful day with them.
Here they are with Elder Valladares.
Someone asked me to take a photo of the stake choir after the conference was over.  The 21 hermanas and 13 hermanos sang beautifully.
Here is the stake presidency and their clerks with Elder Valladares.
Here is the stake president's wife and three children.
Here are some scenes as we were driving away from the Chapel at Zacatecoluca.
The choir posed outside.
Presidente Manuel López and his two daughters.
His young son was asleep inside with Hna. López.
The two daughters were thrilled to meet Daniella Hernández in person.
These missionaries brought investigators to the conference.
We drove by them as we were about 15 miles from Zacatecoluca.
Walt stopped and asked if they needed a ride.  They were just on their way to pick up their investigators and catch a bus on in.
The stake had brought a bus over from San Salvador with the stake leaders. And now they're loading up for the hour drive back.
We took a photo of Herbert and Daniella on the terrace of our apartment.  We so appreciated their taking their full Sunday to help guide us to the two different chapels today.
We asked them how they met.  She was "Brigitta" in The Sound of Music when she was 14. That's when he first saw her.  He's waited low these many years for her to grow up.
And here we are at the end of a busy but rewarding Sabbath day in El Salvador.  
We hope you have had a rewarding Sabbath Day also.
I finally got all our grandparents' photos added to last Monday's Memorial Day Blog (except my Grandfather Albertson--no photo.)

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Julie said...

Wow - busy, busy, busy as always! We were very sad to hear about the four lds boys that were killed in El Salvador - two with mission calls. John got the boat all cleaned up and ready, we hope we can take it out tonight. We sure do love you! And miss you too!