Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day . . .

Yes, Walt got biscuits and gravy this morning...
Be back soon....we're just up from a nap. It's been such a busy day that I had forgotten that we haven't had time for Walt to receive his Father's Day present.
  Now he's opened his few small presents.
Actually, he found this new shave kit last week in the new Don Juan's Grocery Store we've discovered here.  I've been looking a long time for one since he told me the one he's had for 30-40 years is falling apart.

    His main present was the apple pie I baked for him.  I baked two yesterday because it was our turn to furnish dessert for our pot-luck Sunday dinner with the other temple missionaries.
We had 12 today at dinner...Elder y Hna. Clark hosted with Chicken Alfredo over pasta, and Hna. Thompson made a delicious lemon jello salad called "Sea Breeze."
Here are the couples...Left to right: Us; Elder y Hna. Haroldsen, arrived Thursday from Idaho Falls; Elder y Hna. Utt, the Perpetual Education Fund missionaries for El Salvador; Elder y Hna. Winter, also arrived Thursday from Nampa; Elder y Hna. Clark here since Feb. 28 from Arizona; and Elder y Hna. Thompson here from Jerome since entered the MTC July 25, 2011.  They finish their 23 months on 25June2013. (We are so sad to lose them.)
After dinner and a long nap, we were surprised and delighted with the Skype call from Midvale, Utah, where our 7 children and their families have gathered for a 3-day family reunion.  Jen & Jerry are in charge this year and have chosen the theme: 
       "Mission Impossible."  We'll post more about that this week.
We loved talking with and seeing each of them gathered.
They each wished "Dad/Grampa" a Happy Father's Day.
    Here's a photo of us all together two years ago for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
This morning President L√≥pez drove us an hour to Santa Ana to the Pariso Stake Conference.  We spoke about the temple and the blessing of being sealed as a family for eternity.
Walt also spoke about how Satan doesn't want families to succeed and be families forever because he can never have a body and therefore never have a family.
And now I say "Happy Father's Day" to the father of our children...
WALTER RAY he is at he was graduating from the University of Idaho in pre-med...1959.
Here we are in August 1960 as we were pinned after dating that summer...he was home from his first year of medical school, and I was home between semesters at BYU. After we had been dating one week, my roommate and friend Sonya Gibbs asked me how I liked Walt Petersen.
   "Oh, he's great, but I'm not getting interested in him. He's a medical student and who would ever want to be a doctor's wife," I naively replied.
Then we married....June 14, 1961...yes, two days ago was our 
52nd Wedding Anniversary.
And now...
Happy Father's Day Tribute to our fathers...
Ray O. Petersen...Walt's father 1907-1970...We still miss him.
And Arnold G. Albertson...Eileen's father 1912-1982...We still miss him, too. 

We hope you have each had a wonderful Father's Day being with or cherishing the memory of your father.

F A M I L I E S     A R E    F O R E V E R !

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