Sunday, June 30, 2013

Today we were invited to speak at a small ward up one of the many mountains the city is built around...Los Planes in the San Salvador Stake.  
When we arrived at 8:30, this little group was waiting outside for the building to be opened. The Elder's Quorum President picked us up and drove us the 25 minutes to get there.
The couple on the left had walked 15 kilometers to get took them 1 1/2 hours in the rain.  They are investigators.
Here are the beautiful lilies that a member brought.
Yes, that's the pulpit they are in front of.
So we got to speak through the flowers.  But they were very pretty flowers. And they gave us some of them to take home.
Here are some of the members. Normally we only speak at stake conferences because we could never get around to all the individual wards, but this was a special request because many of the members are very poor and discouraged.
They rent this building, but have purchased land to build their own chapel.
They had a lunch for us after the 3-hour block.  This is the primary president who had prepared the food.
Here is a a photo of the Bishop, his two counselors, his wife, and us.
And here we are with the primary president and the bishop's wife. The primary president also led their ward choir of 6 Hermanas.
The bishop reminded me of what Father Lehi might have looked like.
On our drive back I tried to capture some photos of the city down in the valley, but never had an open space long enough.
I did get a photo of pictures painted on this wall.
Our driver got us back in great time, and then he had to rush off to work as a policeman.
We didn't eat very much at the ward lunch so that they would have food to take to their homes.  So we joined our temple missionaries for dinner.  I didn't get a group photo, but I did get a photo of the hosts, Elder Jerry y Hna. Dora Winter.   They have the Wall's apartment - 205. They for the past 30 years are from Nampa, Idaho.  He is originally from Independence Missouri, and she is from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
She served the main dish of her version of Spanish Rice...with chicken, scrambled eggs, cabbage, and I think she said it had some other meats.
The Clarks brought cooked squash, the Utts - watermelon, grapes, bananas, and strawberries, and delicious fresh bread from a Dispensa Don Juan's. We brought watermelon, but didn't have the pineapple we had also planned to bring because the traffic was so busy yesterday to drive over to Price Smart and we had to speak at 2:00 to 3 busloads from San Vincente.  We had also bought some rolls but when we saw the Utts had the bread, we didn't take the rolls. The Haroldsens made banana bread for dessert.  
Then from dinner, Walt dashed over to the temple at 2:10, and I followed shortly after to be ready for the 3:00-5:00 semi-annual training of temple workers from 1/3 of the stakes.  We had 68 Hermanas and 33 Hermanos. But I think there were more who didn't get to sign the roll.
President Petersen locked the temple at 5:50 and a temple worker took a photo of us as we near the end of a busy but fruitful Sabbath Day in San Salvador, El Salvador.
Then, of course, I got a photo of a few lingering members by the temple, which include Presidente y Hna. Alas.
We hope you have had a peaceful, fruitful, and relaxing Sabbath Day also.
I gave the two investigators each a Snickers candy bar I had in my purse (it was there to give to our security guards at the temple -- but I can always get more for them) and said to this couple that were about to walk an hour and a half to their small village: "These candy bars are sweet, but the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is even sweeter."
Onward to a new week of adventures...

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