Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Today we got to go to our ward....
    Walt said as they were making the announcements: "It's good to be back in the ward." We have been in stake conferences for most of March, April, and May.  And he's had two Regional Correlation Councils, so I did get to go to our ward two times when he was at those.
    I'm really slipping....I didn't take one photo today. And we hosted the Sunday dinner with Beef Stroganoff over rice.  We even bought some wild rice to try out--the tiny box for $4.27 had 2/3 cup in it.
     After dinner Walt dashed over to the temple to give a welcome to two rooms full of workers to be trained.
     We had to leave at 4:00pm to speak at a 5:00pm fireside in the Illopango Stake about temple work.
      We were surprised that the entire chapel was full and they opened the folding divider into the Cultural Hall.  The members here do love their temple president.

So a few minutes ago I took a photo of the centerpiece from dinner....that's it for this Sunday, June 9, 2013. (And I have to down load it first so I can post it.)
  ...the day isn't over yet, so I took a photo of Walt relaxing without his tie on....and then he took one of me.
I'm sitting in the recliner just opposite the love seat he is in.
And here's the Centerpiece.  I told them it looked like I wasn't every going to get to do the I did a centerpiece today that I would have used.
Oh....I was wrong about "not taking any photos today."  I did take some of the basket our Relief Society president  decorated for the Marklands for the arrival of their twins yesterday. Ben Markland is the first counselor in our Bishopric, and his wife Delena has been so helpful to pick up our temple missionary sisters and me to go to the monthly Gringa Brunch.  They have Joseph 6, and Dallin 4, and now Dixie Delena 5lbs9oz, and Mateo Sherwood 5lbs9oz, who were born yesterday at 35weeks 3 days.  Delena's goal was to get to at least week 37, and she almost made it. Mother and babies are doing just fine.
  Here's our darling presidente de Sociedad de Socorro (R.S.) and her two counselors.  Karina Artiga is always doing wonderful things for everyone. We all love her a lot!  And she takes great photos.
She had us each write a note to Delena and Ben, and they were going to the hospital today to take them to her.  Here's a closer up view and I think the photos of the twins show up better.
Delena was down a lot during her pregnancy and we were all praying for the twins to be okay.  She said once that these babies kinda belong to the whole ward.
   Her Mom was scheduled to fly in on June 11, but Thursday when the doctor said they needed to get the babies here on Saturday, they bumped her Mom's flight up to Friday.  Here is the proud Grandmother letting the two big brothers, Joseph 6, and Dallin 4, get their first look at their new sister and brother.
Here's the proud papa holding the two precious bundles of joy.
On Saturday, when all this was happening at the hospital with the Marklands, Walt was asked to do several sealings. Even though it was our day with no shift at the temple, we spent several hours there.
   Here is the photo of one of the couples he sealed along with their 3 precious little boys...the 9 and 6 year old are in the photo.  The three year old was tuckered out and had gone to sleep.
And someone snapped a photo of us before we went up to our apartment.
So I guess we had a few photos after all for this post.
Saturday we also got to visit with the stake president and his wife from the Chalchuapa Stake, Presidente y Hna. Siguenza. We have not had a chance to speak at their stake conference yet.  They are about two hours from the temple.
As I was hurrying to one of the sealings, this big brother was taking a photo of his little brother by the temple. I asked if I could also take a photo of them.

Also Saturday, June 8, was my sister's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Janice.  As I said in her birthday letter: "One year closer to retirement."  Here is Janice at her granddaughter Jasmine's high school graduation on May 30.  Janice has had the primary care of our aged Mother these many years while Walt and I have been serving these 4 missions together.  Janice, you have been a jewel in caring for Mom and all the details it entails.  I know Daddy is smiling down from heaven on you for all you have done and do for his eternal sweetheart.
On Wednesday evening, toward the end of our day with no shift, we got a call from the temple that someone wanted to come and see us.  It was Ruth Budge's nephew, Jason McBride, the son of her brother Rex. Jason had served his mission here in El Salvador 2004-2006 and had come back to visit his converts and friends.  So that was a serendipity.
He was with two of his converts. We served them some apple tarts and soda.  We have a book for visitors to sign who visit the temple president's apartment.  It's getting quite full after almost two years here.
Tuesday I got a photo of Walt doing his daily exercises. The look on his face shows how he does not enjoy exercising.

He got a photo of me on the stationery exercise bike.  We both like exercise about the same.
Monday, June 3, was the Gringa Brunch Farewell for Nancy Thompson, Traci McKay, and Celeste Mecham. Traci and Celeste were at "family day" at their kids' school.
Left to right: Laura Wegkamp Cook, Marilee Clark, Lisa Wegkamp, Delena Markland, Janis Nielsen, Nancy Thompson, Eileen Petersen, Shaulee Curtis.  In front are Mailee Curtis and Kelsey Cook.  Thanks, Shaulee, for hosting.
And thanks, Delena for driving us three from the temple grounds. None of us knew--not even you--that you'd be having your babies within 5 days! 
Monday ended with a great family home evening at Clarks, with Elder Clark teaching us about "We're Trying To Be Like Jesus..." to store up treasures in heaven, making and keeping covenants, and always increasing in spirituality. Hna. Clark served delicious cheesecake at the end.  I've had that song in my head all week.... "I'm trying to be like Jesus, I'm following God's command...."
And that's another week for us here in San Salvador, El Salvador.
We hope you have had a great week wherever you are.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.
Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration.
We love the Book of Mormon, the many truths it teaches us, and that it's being Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
We are grateful for our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and for His Atonement.
We are thankful for today's Prophet for the entire world, President Thomas S. Monson.
And I am thankful for my "novio" Walt Petersen, who is my eternal sweetheart and husband.
     In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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