Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day...We remember...

We remember and honor our loved ones in heaven...
Grandfather Andrew Peter Petersen 
    and Grandmother Nellie Katie Olsen "Kate"
      Wedding day - 12Oct1904 - Andrew age 23, almost 24
             Katie - age 19, almost 20. 
Andrew died 5Apr1938 at age  57; Kate died 23Feb1928 at age 43.
More to come.....
Grandfather Byrum Heber Prescott B.H. "Bide"
   and Grandmother Maria Smith Prescott "Rie"
Wedding day - 10 June 1903 - Bide age 29, Rie age 21
Bide died 12dec1943 aat age 69; Rie died 19Sep1970 at age 87.
Grandfather Clarence Albertson
   and Grandmother Blanche Ilene Hartwell Albertson
   Married 19 Feb 1912 Clarence age 25, Blanche age 18
All their photos burned when her house in Hagerman burned down about 1932
Clarence died 3Sep1955 at age 69;
Photo of Blanche at age 18 that one of her siblings had.
The next photo is Blanche in the 1960s before she passed away on July 27, 1966 at age 72.
Grandfather Simpson David Huffaker
  and Grandmother Ella Louise Morris Huffaker
Married 29 May 1913, Dave age 21, 11 mos; Ella age 22, 5 mos.
Dave died 6Jun1982 at age 90; Ella died 20Nov1982 at age 91.

Father - Raymond O. Petersen
  and Mother Jane Maria Prescott Petersen
Married 18 June 1931 - Ray age 23, Jane age 20
Ray died 17Feb1970 at age 62; Jane died 6Feb2001 at age 90.
Father - Arnold George Albertson
Married 29 September 1937, age 24
Died 6Feb1982 at age 69.
   and Mother - Verna Beth Huffaker Albertson - still living age 93
Married 29September1937, Verna age 17

Plus we honor all those
who have kept our country free...

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