Sunday, May 26, 2013

This week in San Salvador

Today Walt left at 6:15 for the quarterly Regional Correlation Council...the first Sunday of May it was in the El Salvador El Salvador Santa Ana/Belice side of the country with 9 stake presidents and the Area Seventy.
Here is Walt waiting in the van at 6:10 for President Alas, his second counselor to come.
     Today it was in the El Salvador El Salvador Misson, with the other 9 stake presidents.
   Here they are driving past the temple this morning in a lot of fog.
Going down the exit from the temple it shows even more fog. You can see the small security guard house they will pass as they leave.
The stake center to the back left is where our ward meets. I got to go to our Campestre Ward today 9:00-Noon, for the second time in May.
One of our Embassy families shared their testimonies today since their two-year assignment finishes May 30.  Peter and Sheralie Broadbent and their 4 children have been a great asset to the ward.

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