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Traces of Time . . . April 17-23, 2017

Traces of Time . . . 
Happy Months of Spring
This week 
April 17, 2017
April 23, 2017

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Monday - April 17, 2017 - Walt's Birthday   "83"

Walt enjoyed his birthday today,

but is not enjoying old age.

 Looks like the "birthday-decorating fairy got her job done.
 Walt has completed 83 years on this earth.
Our tradition for birthday breakfasts: 
donuts and chocolate milk.
(Way back this was an easy one for the busy mother.)
Walt barely got these two candles blown out.
Good thing we didn't put 83 regular candles on.
  Time to open birthday presents...
 Some of his presents were...a red and black plaid shirt, 
which is his favorite color combination.
A pair of tan docker-like pants, and a blue plaid shirt.
His main present was a new watch...
that I got him, although I knew he has often
said he did not want to replace the Seiko watch
he  got as a birthday gift from me in 1976.
 The smaller watch is the 41-y-o one.
Walt chooses to keep it.
He said it still works well.Why replace it?
I returned the new watch.
So, he still has the 41-year-old Seiko.
 We drove over to see the Shoshone Falls.  It is always a glorious sight, but even more so this year with 20,000 cubic feet of water per second cascading the 212 feet down.  
 There were people from all over this afternoon--Poland, Colorado, Washington, Utah, and a lot from Idaho.
More Monday photos...
 Walt a little further away from the Falls...
 We did not go down the 10 steps or so
to the viewing platform that is built on
the edge of the cliff.
There were a lot of "selfies" being taken.
 This explanatory plaque is in three parts.
This section shows the Perrinne Bridge.
 This section shows Pillar Falls...which did 
not look very big on the video we saw about
seveal falls on the Snake River in our
Magic Valley area.
 The end section shows where the Shosone Falls is.
We have a book showing a photo of the Twin Falls
with the two falls side by side.
I don't know the date of when the dam was
built that shut off the "twin" of the
Twin Falls.
 This family told us that their grandmother,
standing by Walt, is from El Salvador.
They were astonished to learn that we had
lived in San Salvador for three years.
 I had forgotten that Shoshone Falls
is called "The Niagra of the West."
 This Shoshone Falls Park was built
two years before Walt was born--so
85 years ago in 1932.

Monday evening was our monthly
Neighborhood Empty-Nesters' Family Home Evening
at the home of Ken and Bonnie Fronk.
The Gibbons and Roskelleys were there.

 The Fronk had chosen "Mexican Haystakes."
Walt and I had never had this.
You stake--in order--chips, refried beans,
rice, hamburger cooked with taco seasoning...
 ...then chopped avadaco, chopped olives... 
 ...grated cheese, chopped tomatoes,
chopped lettuce, and salad dressing.
This is what it looks like when it's 
all put togther...
Bonnie always sets beautiful tables.
A table in the living room, and...
...a table in the dining room.
 Walt easily blew out the candles tonight.
 We gathered in the living room for the lesson.
Ken read a conversation with a college professor 
and his student about the existence of God.
The professor said there is no God because we can't see Him.
The student explained that there re many things that
exist that we cannot see.
The student won the discussion.
His name was Albert Einstein.
Because it was the day after Easter, Bonnie then asked
each one to share an attribute of Christ that they admired.
 Ken and Bonnie are always a great host and hostess.
We thank them for a lovely evening together.

This was a busy and wonderful Monday for us!

Tuesday - April 18, 2017

Wednesday - April 19, 2017

We did the three o'clock endowment session with Dale. Dave and Marilyn Gibbons were also in that session.  Dale picked up Connie after and we six had dinner at The Sizzler.  Connie had surgery a week ago on her right thumb so is in a sling. We are all quite helpless with the use of only one hand.

Thursday - April 20, 2017

Serendipity Book Club


Thursday, April 20, 2017
at the home of Karma Lambert
540 Spencer Circle (878-4664)
 at 7:00 p.m.

Program: June Tilley
The Book of Virtues
by William J. Bennett
Whet your Appetite:  Bonnie Fronk
Refreshments: Karma Lambert

Friday - April 21, 2017

Two hours of family history with Kathleen Hedberg. She has helped Walt get back to the 1700's on the line of his Grandmother Nellie Katie Olson Petersen.

Saturday - April 22, 2017

Sunday - April 23, 2017

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