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Traces of Time . . . April 24-30, 2017

Traces of Time . . . 
Happy Months of Spring
This week 
April 24, 2017
April 30, 2017

March April May

Monday - April 24, 2017 -  Birthdays for Gary, John, and Kimble...

Tuesday - April 25, 2017 - Jerry's Birthday in Rochester, Minnesota

We walked at the CSI gym from 11:00 to noon.

I got my haircut today by Jenny McGill at Salon Sensations.

Wednesday - April 26, 2017 

We walked this morning for the last time before the Semester ends on Friday.  The class will resume on September 12th with the Fall/Winter Semester.

Then we rendezvoused with Dale and Connie at the temple.

We had dinner after at The Depot Grill.

Thursday - April 27, 2017  

We drove to Utah today for Walt's appointment with Dr. Charles C. Rich, Jr., his neurosurgeon who did Walt's back surgery May 1, 2012.  After going over Walt's MRI with him, he emphasized that surgery had a great risk of making things worse and little chance of making it better.

Walt told him that after our son, Brian who is an orthopedic surgeon, had looked at this MRI he said: "Dad, your back is a mess!"     Dr. Rich laughed and replied: "There's nothing like your kids to tell it like it is."

Dr. Rich prescribed for Walt to have a month to six weeks of physical therapy to see if that helps any.  But it looks like surgery is not an option.

Then we got to go to William's second grade Spring Program at Summit.

We helped Julie out during the dress rehearsal of Jackson's and Maddie's play "Peter Pan, Jr." by watching Rigdon from 3:30 until 7:00.

We spent the remainder of the evening with Gary in Pleasant Grove.

Friday - Aprl 28, 2017  We did a session at the Mt. Timp Temple this morning.   We had a great afternoon with Gary. 

The plan was to drive around Utah Lake and seeing the mountains and all the beautiful scenery.   However, because of the freezing cold front that came through with snow, we decided to go up to the Church History Museum next to Temple Square.  As we got close to the point of the mountain, we saw an accident in the south lane of the Interstate, and the traffic pile up it caused.

So we took the next exit and decided to spend some time at Cabella's.  Walt and I had not been in this new one, so it was a fun experience.  Loved all the stuffed animals there in several displays.

Tonight we so enjoyed seeing "Peter Pan, Jr." with Jackson and Maddie as pirates.   Julie was one of the producers.  There were 130 elementary students in the cast!  And they did great!!

Saturday - April 29, 2017  

This morning we watched about 2 hours or so of the 3 1/2 hour movie "War and Peace" from 1956 (I think) made with Henry Fonda, Audrey Hepburn, and Mel Ferrer.  We'll catch the end the next time we are in Utah.

We gathered at Chubby's--a new gourmet place in the Saratoga Springs Mall--for a lunch to honor our family April birthdays.  

There were 12 there -- the four birthday boys -- Walt, Gary, John, and Kimble, plus Steve and Natalie, Carter, David, Julie Beth, and friends Mike Ruffell and his son Cody, and Kirt Melling, oh, and me.

After lunch we headed back home to Burley -- arriving just at 7:00, in time to watch Lawrence Welk.

Sunday - April 30, 2017  

We had the blessing of Shawn and Janice bringing their 13-year old son, Michael, to our home this morning from Rexburg, to receive his patriarchal blessing from his Grandfather.    

We have always tried to have peace and the spirit in our home.  However, there is never a more peaceful and spiritual feeling than when Walt is giving a patriarchal blessing.

We had a reverent time during our 3-hour 3rd ward block.

And we share our testimony of all the truths of the Gospel and the Great Restoration of it in the early 19th Century from Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, to the Prophet Joseph Smith.

We are so thankful for all the tender mercies we receive daily from Heavenly Father.

We are thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Redeemer.

We are thankful for the guidance daily from the Holy Ghost.

These Three of the Godhead are very revered by us.

We are thankful for a Prophet on the Earth today -- President Thomas S. Monson.

We are thankful for the scriptures -- The Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price, and the words of our Prophets, Apostles, and Seventies.

We are thankful for each other and being able to be together to help each other in our elderly years.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Walter and Eileen Petersen - Burley, I D A H O

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