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Traces of Time . . . May 1 to 7, 2017

Traces of Time . . . 
Happy Months of Spring
This week 
May 1, 2017
May 7, 2017

March April May

I've got the narration -- now I need to add the photos.
Hopefully on Monday....
Hope you have had a good week, too.

I loaded 49 photos for the week....but they wouldn't 
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Have to figure out "Plan B."

Monday - May 1, 2017 - May Day

Walking at the Oregon Trail Recreation Center gym

Tuesday - May 2, 2017 

Walking at the Oregon Trail Recreation Center gym

Wednesday - May 3, 2017 

Walking at the Oregon Trail Rec Center gym

Temple Day

Thursday - May 4, 2017 

" 'May the fourth' be with you!"  Star Wars day... 

Walt went to physical therapy this morning

Friday - May 5, 2017  

We did family history this morning for two hours with Kathleen Hedberg.

This afternoon we drove to Utah to attend the viewing (6:00 p.m.) and funeral (7:00p.m.-8:03 p.m.) for Helen McMurray at Larkins Sunset Gardens.   

The funeral was very nice with all five of her daughters participating--Tamara Evans, Wendy Granata, Ilene Kushma, Cathi McMurray, and Cynthia Wand.  

We spent the night with Gary.

Saturday - May 6, 2017 

We drove over Pioneer Crossing to Saratoga Springs to tell Julie and John and family "Hi and Bye" on our way home, but Julie had left at 6:00 a.m. to help at the BYU try-outs for the Pre-teen and Teen Jr. BYU Ballroom teams.
John was just dashing out the door with Jacee and Maddie on their way to the tryouts at 9:30.  So it was a more "Bye" than any "Hi."

Rigdon wasn't too happy about being left behind, but Jackson and he surely had a fun "brother time" until the others returned.

We got to Idaho Falls in the early afternoon and got to go through the open house of the Idaho Fall Temple.  The actual time was 2:30 to 3:40 to go through.

We pulled up at the Madison High School at 4:40, just in time to see the 5pm (2nd performance of the day) Spring Concert for the Idaho Ballroom Academy with almost 400 dancers performing.

It was an emotional time as they honored the 34 seniors who have danced with Idaho Ballroom from 1 up to 12 years. 
As our daughter, Janie Fisher, announced the one boy with the 12 years she said: 
"And with 12 years--who had to learn to dance before he learned to walk--is Sam Fisher."

Daniel Fisher was also honored by the teams he taught.  As he is going away to medical school, his teams presented him with a Litman stethascope.  (When Daniel showed it to his Grampa later, Walt said: "Litman out just as I was in medical school and it is still the top of the line.")

They also gave Daniel $200.  Three of the boys sang "Danny Boy," acapella.  It was a very tender moment!

This program just keeps getting better every year with colorful costumes, fun and beautiful dances and dancers, and lively music.

We don't know how Janie and Shawn do it. 

After working all day to help with the Spring Concert for IBA --Sam and Ashley dashed home after the final performance to get ready for the Sr. Prom...
As Janie posted these photos of them...she noted it was Sam's last Prom at Madison High School...

 ...and Ashley's first Prom...

We celebrated with Janie & Shawn, Aimee, Daniel & Kelly, and Michael after the Idaho Ballroom Academy Spring Concert at Pizza Pie Café -- their tradition.

Sunday - May 7, 2017  

We left Rexburg this morning at eight o'clock and pulled in to our driveway in Burley at 10:20.  There's a lot of road construction between Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

We went to our 3-hour Burley 3rd Ward block and then slept for about two hours after.  Then we broke our fast with dinner at six o'clock.

Now we're catching up our blog.

We called Brian and got to talk to him, Taylor, and Jennifer.  Taylor was just getting ready to cook something from Spain for a school assignment.

We tried calling some of our other kids but didn't get through.

At the end of this Sunday, we pray you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.

I shared my testimony at Fast and Testimony Meeting this morning.

Here are the main points...
Heavenly Father loves us, knows us, and wants us to be happy. He knows the only way to be happy and successful is to keep His commandments.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and part of His Godhead.  Because of His Atonement for each one of us, we can  be forgiven when we repent and go forward to become better.

The Holy Ghost, as the Third Member of the Godhead, is the one who testifies to us what is truth.

We are thankful for This Godhead who helps us in every way to become perfect.  We won't become perfect in this lifetime, but we can be on the road to perfection through what we choose to do.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true Church of God on the earth today.  It was restored to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith and was organized on April 6, 1830, which Jesus Christ revealed to the Prophet Joseph was the actual day of His Birth (April 6th).  

The Book of Mormon is the Word of God and is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.  The Bible is the Word of God as far as it is translated correctly.

President Thomas S. Monson is God's living Prophet on the earth today.

We are thankful for our many blessings, for our seven children, our thirty-five grandchildren, and our four great-grandchildren.

We pray we may always bring honor to the good names our parents, grandparents, and beyond have given to us.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Walter R. Petersen & Eileen A. Petersen - May 7, 2017

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