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Traces of Time . . . April 3-9, 2017

Traces of Time . . . 
Happy Month of Spring
This week 
April 3, 2017
April 9, 2017

End of Winter
Beginning of Spring
March April May

Monday - April 3, 2017

Today we hung out at home.

Tuesday - April 4, 2017

Today we

Wednesday - April 5, 2017

Today we hung out at home.

Thursday - April 6, 2017

Today after our walking class, we went to Institute at noon.
The lesson today was on the First Presidency.
President Thomas S. Monson, center.
President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor

Friday - April 7, 2017 - 

Wedding Day for our son Brian and Jennifer Doak

We are so happy that Brian has found someone to love and who loves him.  He and Jennifer were married today in Nashville, Tennessee.

They are on their way to Nashville . . .

Since it is a second marriage for both of them, they chose to just go on their own without any other family.

Wedding rings show their love for each other.

Flowers add more beauty to the ceremony.

"Dr. and Mrs. Petersen"

Congratulations to the newlyweds...

We wish you much happiness together!

We see much love . . .

Brian is a happy man . . .

. . . happily ever after!

Janie called to invite us to Rexburg this weekend because they are having an early Easter for this Sunday.  She and Shawn leave for Europe Monday and they will be gone on the real Easter next Sunday.
Saturday - April 8, 2017

This morning we ran to Deseret Industries to pick out a tie for Walt's Easter basket, and Walt picked out some little figurines for my Easter basket.  After lunch we headed to Rexburg.  It started snowing on us just past the dividing exit of Pocatello and Salt Lake City.

It snowed all the way until about 4 miles before Rexburg, then it let up to just a very light snow.  We thought they would cancel Michael's five o'clock soccer game, but no.  Shawn said in Rexburg they always played their soccer or football games--rain, snow, sleet, or hail.  So Michael played for an hour and a half in very cold, windy conditions.  Their Rexburg league team lost to an Idaho Falls team.

Michael was so cold when he got in the Yukon with us at the end of the game.  I forgot to get a photo of him in his soccer uniform.  When we got to their house, Shawn went to the New Fong Chinese place and brought in upper.

We had Orange Chicken, Sesame Chicken, and Mandarin Chicken, along with the fried rice and fried noodles, oh, and egg rolls.
It was really good.
We loved being with Shawn, Janie, Aimee, Sam,
and Michael.  Ashley was helping a friend at
her sister's wedding reception.
 Here's a closer view.
Parker and Katie came over.
Grampa got to play ball with his great-granddaughter, Taitum.
Then it was time to dye Easter eggs.
 Sam designed an egg to be like a soccer ball.
Everyone was very artistic. 
 Everyone had a great time.
 Then it was time to get Easter baskets ready.
We loved being with the Fishers today.

Sunday - April 9, 2017 - "Early Easter Sunday"

Today Fishers had Easter early because they fly out to Europe tomorrow and won't be here on the actual Easter Sunday next week.
   The hunt for Easter baskets was on...'
Fisher's rule for hunting for the colored real eggs and the Easter candy eggs is that you have to find your own Easter basket first.  When Michael found his basket,
he dumped his stuff in a chair and then began filling his basket with the
other hidden eggs and candy.  Clever...
 Wonder whose pink Easter basket is under that
little table at the end of the hallway?
 The  Taitum loved being with her Aunt Aimee.
 When Taitum shook this pink Bunny, it glowed.
She would get a big, big smile every time.
 Sam to a Super Man shirt.
Michael found the most colored eggs and Easter candy.
 Ashley painted Katie's fingernails.
 Ut-o, who did that?
 The Easter Bunny didn't forget the older generation.
 Here's the breakfast chefs...Sam's cooking the French toast,
Katie-hash browns, Aimee, scrambled eggs, and
Janie's frying the bacon.
Delicious brunch with most everyone.
 Here's Janie with Aimee at the other end 
of the table. 
 Walt, Michael, and Parker were the only guys here for the brunch
because Shawn and Sam were already at meetings.
For the yummy French toast there was a choice or buttermilk syrup,
buttermilk maple syrup, or regular maple syrup
 Then it was time for Parker, Katie, and Taitum 
to go to their ward block -- 11:00-2:00.
 The snow that had covered everything in the early morning
was about all melted before I got a photo taken.
 From 1:00-4:00 we went to their Rexburg 14th Ward
across the street from their home.
We will actually fast next Sunday since General Conference
changes it from the first Sunday.
It is a blessing each Sunday to partake of the Sacrament
in remembrance of the sacrifice and Atonement of
our Redeemer and Savior, Jesus Christ.
 The Sabbath afternoon is a time to relax and be with family.
  Then everyone pitched in to help get dinner ready.
Shawn had put the ham in the roaster just before Church.
  Michael had the assignment to set the table.
  Grampa 'n Grama peeled eggs for deviled eggs.
   What a pretty pastel they had been colored.
  And this is how they looked when finished.
  There is no better flavored ham than a bone-in ham.
  Cheesy potatoes, aka funeral potatoes, are a favorite.
  Fresh strawberries and fresh pineapple
make an excellent fruit dish.
Orange fluff  is a family holiday tradition.

 This pineapple-Sprite punch added sparkle to 
the Easter dinner.
 "Dinner is served..."
  Counter -clockwise: Michael, Sam, Ashley,
Aimee, Parker, Katie...
  The Jordan, Heidi, (Grama's place--taking the photo),
Grampa Janie, and Shawn.
 Sisters: Ashley and Aimee
  Parker,Katie, and Taitum...

  Shawn and Janie...
  Walt and Eileen -- photo-bombed by Janie.
  The Aimee said: "Now Parker will take one of Grampa 'n Grama,
with the photo-bomber."
  The after-dinner activities included 
the Easter egg roll tourney...
Grampa watched the first round, but was never a good spectator...
he is a participator.
 He squared off with Michael...

 Then with Sam--the reigning champion.

 It took a second roll of the eggs...
Grampa and I learned today that when two boiled eggs
collide, one will crack and one will not.
Sam remained the champion.

  Parker and Jordan helped Grampa get back up,
as they promised him they would.

 This is when the egg games got a little crazy...

 The  eggs were tossed randomly to each other...

  faster and faster...
till most of the eggs were demolished.

 till most of the eggs were demolished...
Then we took group photos.
Here we are with Parker and Katie, and Taitum.
Then they went over to Parker's parents home.

  Then it was time for dessert...
delicious strawberry shortcake. Yum! 
 The After planning their coming week, it was time to
check the electronic devices...
  The To end this "early" Easter Sabbath,
Grampa is reading the Book of Mormon.
He has found it easier to read on his cell phone
because he can make the print bigger.
I was working on our blog.
Now I will read in the Book of Mormon
and call it a day. 

It's like "when you come to the end of a perfect day...
After the fourteen testimonies shared this afternoon
at Janie and Shawn's Fast and Testimony meeting,
we share our testimony...

We believe with all our hearts that...
Heavenly Father is the Father of our spirits who loves each one of us.
He knows us personally and loves us.  He wants us to return to Him.

Jesus Christ is the Beloved Son of God.  He also knows each one of us by name and loves us.  He offered to come to this earth to become our Redeemer and Savior. Because of His Atonement for each one of us, we will all be resurrected and we have the hope of being together as families forever when we do our part.

Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration of all things and he was visited by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, plus those Prophets who held keys, to receive the Keys of all the ordinances needed on the earth for this Last Dispensation.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true Church which Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

The Book of Mormon is true and is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

The Bible is the word of God as far as it is translated correctly and testifies of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

President Thomas S. Monson is the Living Prophet for the entire earth.

Of these truths we testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Walter R. Petersen and Eileen Albertson Petersen - April 9, 2017
Burley, I D A H O

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