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This week in Burley, I D A H O

Monday, January 12 to Sunday, January 18, 2 0 1 5

Monday, January 12, 2015
We woke up to snow...very white and pretty, but makes it scary to walk on our slick sidewalks and driveway.
Except our wonderful neighbor, Steve Ormond, comes across the street and shovels all the snow off our driveway and sidewalks after each snow storm.  We are so grateful for his doing this.
    Julie said that must be why he retired in September so he could have time to shovel the snow for us, after he gets his done.
Here's our backyard.
Here's our car and pickup covered with snow.
Later that evening, we watched the national collegiate football championship game.
We were cheering for the team from the Northwest--the Oregon Ducks, but when I found out Urban Meyer was the Ohio coach, I was happy his team won. 
  Lon Thompson sent me this correct information...I had said:
"Urban Meyer had coached at University of Utah before going to Ohio." That is wrong. 
"Urban Meyer went from Utah to Florida State and won a national championship there before going to Ohio State.  He is one of three other coaches that have won national titles at two different universities."
I would hope any who read our blog and see something I've put wrong would help me correct it. Thank you, Lon. You are a true friend. We missed being up on the world of sports after you finished your mission with us in El Salvador.  We can't believe you and Nancy have only 4 1/2 more months in your current calling in the Temple Presidency at the Guatemala Temple.  

I didn't know what "Buckeyes" were so I googled the info.
This mascot was chosen in 1965. The head is like the nut on the Ohio State Tree which is a Buckeye Nut Tree.
January 13 - Tuesday
We went to the hospital to get our bi-monthly blood tests.
Then we went to Angela's for lunch.  
It's a little Mexican CafĂ© that Ted and Josie Garcia have.  They were patients of Walt's.  Our favorite is the #1 Combo....Taco, Enchilada, Tosdado, with beans and rice.
Even though we couldn't eat all of our Combo, we shared a dish of fried ice cream.  The first time I heard about "fried ice cream" I thought it was not possible to fry ice cream.
There's still some snow on the ground.
January 14 - Wednesday.
My mother's birthday remembrance.  Verna Beth Huffaker Albertson was born January 14, 1920.  I did a face book post with these photos of her.
Her posterity: Two children - Eileen Marie and Janice Lynn; 11 grandchildren, and 48 great-grandchildren. We will always love you Mom/Grama A. 
This first photo is in early September 1937 Verna age 17, Arnold 24 at the Jerome County Fair just before they eloped on September 29, 1937 to Hailey, Idaho. 

 Second photo is age 26 in 1946. 
Third photo is in 2007 at age 87.
We had a quiet day.  We were just thinking about fixing something for supper at 5:30 when Walt's brother, Dale, called from Twin Falls to see if we'd like to go out to dinner with them.
So an hour later they pulled up in our driveway and we were off to the Burley Inn where we ate at Perkins Restaurant.
What a fun serendipity = "happy surprise."
We always love being with Dale and Connie.
January 15 - Thursday
LaRae Crane and I are visiting teaching companions.
We take turns each month driving and teaching.
Today was my turn to drive and teach.
Here is the handout I made on "Jesus Christ: Obedient Son"
January 2015
 One of the attributes of Jesus Christ:
Obedient Son

“Following Jesus Christ’s example
of obedience
increases our faith in Him.”
Obedience is the first law of heaven.”

We love you…
Your Visiting Teachers,
LaRae Crane – 678-5904
Eileen Petersen – 670-7235
Please call us anytime you need us.
May you enjoy this year in obedience.
We visit four dear sisters:
Cindy Young
Bonnie Jean Rose
Debra Harrell
Karen Taylor
I'll have to get their photos next month.

Walt wanted to get out of the house for a little drive in the pick up, so we drove out Highway 30 toward Twin Falls for a few miles, then turned back onto 200 South to come back home on.  The wind turbins looked pretty against the winter afternoon sky.

      My book club I've been going to since 1969:
That evening was our monthly Serendipity Study Club at 
Susan Young's home. Bonnie Hansen gave "Whet Your Appetite" about that fun series written about a family in WWII.
Sorry I didn't get the author written down. She also showed us some of the DVD that Ken put together for their family for 2014.  Wish we could have seen more of well done!
Linda Petersen filled in the book review for June Tilley who'd gone to Texas.
She told about Marian Rothchild, born in 1908, and just died in 2005, and how she became a naturalist by loving all things that were alive.   One thing she discovered is that there are 500 kinds of fleas. (Who knew?!)
  Linda also mentioned The Other Eminent Men, a book written 25 years ago by Vicki Anderson (I hope I got that name right).  Now it is out of print and going for a high price on Amazon.
She quoted a famous naturalist as saying something about the creation of absurd it would be to think that God would have man evolved from a monkey.  (Can't remember the exact quote.  I'll have to get it from her before I can share it.)
   Those who were able to come:  Susan Young, Bonnie Hansen, Linda Petersen, Karma Lambert, Marilyn Gibbons, Pat Green, Ilene Mai, Carol Cheney,  Jenny Egbert, Terri Smith, Gladys Harrison, Karen Robins, Kathy Barrus, and me. 
  Kathy served a delicious pumpkin roll, accompanied by a luscious chocolate covered strawberry.     
 We always enjoy being together.

January 16 - Friday
We did some grocery shopping when we picked up some prescriptions at Smith's Pharmacy.
We actually do our main grocery shopping at Stoke's because they close on Sundays.
Then I cooked 20 cups of rice for our Burley 3rd Ward January dinner-- a Hawaiian Luau with Hawaiian Haystacks being served.  

We had an amazing turnout--someone said the count was 180.
The committee did a great job. I don't know who all was on this committee, but I know Ruth Melling and Alice Hansen were.  The head of the committee was Mac...Gumerson(?) not sure of his last name.  

Alice and Ruth did a fantastic job of decorating and seeing that the food was well assigned.
It really had us feeling like we were in Hawaii for a couple of hours.
We enjoyed lots of good conversation at our table.

It helped take away the January dismal and cold feeling.
Everything was delicious!
Dan Murri took photos of each couple/family.
Then printed the photos for everyone.  Here are Don and Ruth Melling.
Thanks to all involved for making it such a delightful night.

January 17 - Saturday
Walt and I both had a slow day.  After Walt biked and I walked on the treadmill we were tuckered out and didn't get much accomplished all day.
Ruth Melling got through to us on the phone just about sundown and invited us to go out to dinner with them.
(She'd called earlier but we didn't hear the phone nor did we
see she'd left a message.)

We went to Guadalajara.  
Their plates of food are so big, we couldn't finish them all!

January 18 - Sunday
We went to our Priesthood, Relief Society, and Sunday Schools classes in our Burley 3rd Ward, then we went to Sacrament Meeting at the Burley 1st Ward where Camille Rasmussen, daughter of Jeff and Amy Beck Rasmussen was speaking before leaving for her North Carolina Charlotte Mission on Feb. 4.  She gave an excellent talk!
We didn't realize that Terry Jeppson was the bishop of that ward.
     We didn't get any photos there, so when we got home we
set  up the tripod and took one of us.
We pray you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
We are thankful for our Heavenly Father who loves each one of us.
We are thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ who also loves each one of us.
We are thankful for the guidance of the Holy Ghost who loves each one of us.
   Together as Three Separate Individuals, They are the Godhead who want what is best for us for the eternities.
Despite hardships and trials we go through, They are there to guide and comfort us.   It is not always immediately but in the time They know is right.
Of this we testify. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Walter and Eileen Petersen - Burley, Idaho

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