Sunday, January 4, 2015

This week in Saratoga Springs, Utah, then Burley and Rexburg, Idaho...

December 27, 2014 to January 4, 2015
December 27 - Saturday
We got back to Burley from a great Christmas week in Saratoga Springs, Utah.
Telling Julie & John's family goodbye...
We appreciate so much all our 4 families in Utah did for us.
We loved seeing each one of them and always enjoy being with them.
Telling Steve and John goodbye...
We appreciate Steve Ormond gathering our mail and newspapers and shoveling the snow off of our driveway and sidewalks so we could get safely into our home.  He also helped us carry our luggage and gifts into the house.  What a great neighbor!

December 28, 2014 - Sunday
Walt was too dizzy to go to Church and was dizzy every morning this week.  He's not sure what is causing this.
I went over to Sacrament Meeting. It was Peter Kemp's "mission farewell" which is not called that anymore. But it takes so much longer to say: "Peter Kemp was speaking in Sacrament Meeting before he leaves for his mission."  He enters the MTC on Wednesday, January 7, then will be headed to the Norway Mission.

We had a quiet, peaceful Sabbath Day.

December 29, 2014 - Monday
Walt picked up his pickup we bought last week.
It's a 2002 Chevy Silverado. We like it a lot!
Walt gets less dizzy by afternoon, so we went to the Big Horn Sales at 4:00 where Rick Larson had the pickup all ready for us.
We had excellent experiences buying from Rick, and also with buying our 2007 Buick Lucern from Goode Motors -- Matt Cook and Mike Masoner.
December 30 - Tuesday
We met with our financial advisor, Tim Preston, who is also in the Stake Presidency of our Burley Idaho West Stake.
Then we got the license plates for the pickup.
When we got back it was great to have John and Mariel Melling come over to talk with us.  They took such good care of our home and yard that first year and a half we were in El Salvador.  Then John started medical school in Bonier and now is in his third year doing his clinical time in Chicago hospitals.
December 31, 2014 - Wednesday
We loved being in Rexburg with five of our families:
 Janie & Shawn, Steve and boys, Julie & John, Brian and girls, and Jen & Jerry and their 7.
While most were skiing for their second day at Targhee, Janie, Shawn and Ashley got their home and food ready for the New Year's Eve Party.
Three delicious homemade soups--Taco, Potato Cheese, and Broccoli Cheese--were waiting for the cold and tired skiers.
The homemade cornbread was a big hit, plus veggies 'n dip, fruit 'n dip, and other side dishes.
Everyone signed the temporary outside covering of the newly installed fireplace.
I think this is about the 5th annual "Fisher's Rockin' Rexburg New Year's Eve Family Party."
Here are 9 of the 10 grandsons.
Many of the 10 granddaughters participated in the make over, which was one of the many activities and games that were announced as the papers were pulled out of the popped balloons each hour.
I could hardly get a photo of the parrot pinata as it got whacked so hard about the fourth turn that it spilled out the candy.
Lots of handfuls of candy were put into their baggies.  Can see the fizzy Martinelli's non-alcoholic sparkling cider--grape, apple-grape, apple-mango, apple-peach that Brian brought a case of. It was a great hit.
Michael put the empty pinata parrot on his head.
(I'll have to find this photo tomorrow.)

At 11:43 p.m. the hats, horns, and noisemakers were passed out...and, yes, the noise did commence!
It was freezing outside at midnight, but the spirits were high inside.
Happy New Year.... and Goodnight.
January 1, 2015 - Thursday
With our grandkids...
Happy New Year
Most of us.....
Brian, Walt, and Steve...
Julie & John, Jen & Jerry and families had to get on the road.
It was too cold to do the traditional tubing and sledding.
The rest of us went to see "Night at the Museum III."
   I love history, so I liked it a lot. 
Brian, Emma, Taylor, Avery here from Tennessee...
Steve, Kimble, Carter, Sam, Michael...
Janie, Heidi, Sam, Ashley, Michael...Shawn had gone out to get the Yucon...

Brian happy with his favored Michigan team scoring against Florida State... (I think that's who they were playing.) We watched three bowl games on New Year's Day...after the Rose Parade.
ThenAfter pizza for lunch, the kids had spaghetti for supper... 

...the adults drove over to St. Anthony for supper at 
...for yummy South of the Border comida.
The teenagers went to a New Year's Night Party...
A fun day to start 2 0 1 5...
January 2, 2015 - Friday
Shawn, Sam, Michael, Steve, Kimble, Carter helped Heidi move her things out of her room to her over to her college apartment.
Then later we went over to "The Ivy" on the BYU-Idaho campus to see Heidi in her new apartment before we drove back to Burley. 
It doesn't seem like Heidi should be in college already.  But she is, and is a beautiful college coed!
Brian, Emma, Taylor, Avery flew out of Idaho Falls to Salt Lake City.  In Salt Lake City their flight to Nashville, Tennessee, was cancelled. So they had to take a later flight.
We got home just in time to have John & Julie bring Max over to our home for the night.  His brother, Glade, here from Florida with Amber and their kids is allergic to dogs.
They had been at the funeral in Logan then the burial in Burley of John's Grandmother Bernadine Petersen Fillmore.

Max stayed by the front door most of the time waiting for his family to come back for him.

January 3, 2015 - Saturday
Our neighbor and good friend, Don Melling, came over to visit with us Saturday afternoon. He had had some surgery done on his knee the day before and is doing well.
About 4:00 Julie and John came by to pick up Max.  He was still waiting for them by the door.  I had put a blanket and the bear to help him be more comfortable.
Then they were off to Utah after a week full of travel.
That evening we watched the Lawrence Welk Show on Public Television.
January 4, 2015 - Sunday
Today after Church I took a photo of our Bishopric:
Left to right: Eric Pierce, 1st Counselor; Steve Gerratt, Bishop; Dan Murri, 2nd Counselor.  We are thankful for all they do for us and for our ward.
Walt was not too dizzy to go to Church today. We are on a new time schedule for two years now: 12:30 Noon-3:30 p.m.
We have Priesthood and Relief Society, with the new lesson manual being The Teachings of President Ezra Taft Benson.
Our Relief Society President, Liisa Craner and our Sunday School teacher, Bonnie Fronk, both gave great lessons.  (I hope to post more later about them.)  And 16 testimonies were shared in Sacrament Meeting.

We didn't get a photo of us together today, so we took one of each other.
(We're not good at selfies.)
We pray you have had a restful and a peaceful Sabbath.
We look forward to a wonderful new year because we have The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.
God lives and loves each one of us.
Jesus Christ is His Son, Our Redeemer and Savior.
Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Great Restoration of All Things.
Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet for the entire earth today.
"The Bible is the Word of God as far as it is translated correctly."
"The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ."
Of this we testify this January 4, 2015.
Walt and Eileen Petersen from our home in Burley, Idaho

So ends this New Year's Week.

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