Sunday, February 1, 2015

The last half of January 19 - 31.

I missed posting last Sunday when we were in Rexburg, and this Sunday we are in Saratoga Springs.
I will type a highlight for each day, then add the photos when I can.

January 19-31, 2 0 1 5 in Burley, Twin Falls, Rexburg, IDAHO and Murray, Saratoga Springs, Provo, and Salt Lake City, UTAH.

January 19 - Monday
Walt - MRI at Hospital (Didn't get any photos.)

           Bought a small safe at Wal-Mart for $34--that tells you how small it is--to keep our passports and important papers in. At least it's fireproof and waterproof.
   Watched a TCM Classic "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." We didn't realize it was the last movie Spencer Tracy made. He died nine days after the filming ended.  And the actress who played the daughter of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn was Katharine Houghton, Ms. Hepburn's niece. The fiance√© was actor Sidney Poieter.  Interesting movie made in 1967.

January 20 - Tuesday
Sam Fisher "16" birthday - Sam is the second from the right.
Happy Birthday, Sam.  More about Sam when we went to Rexburg on Sunday, Jan. 25.

Relief Society monthly evening gathering - "Self Defense" "Internet Safety."  A police officer from the DARE program showed a video giving tips about dangers lurking in chat rooms, etc., and that a virus program protects the front door of our computer;'s internet, and a malware program protects the backdoor of our computer's internet.
We thank Josh and Alison Burgess who taught us to always be aware of our surroundings and different ways to defend ourselves.
In ending, Josh quoted the scripture that tells how the Holy Ghost can bring all things to our remembrance in our times of need. It was very well done.  We appreciate their expertise in teaching us.
Mary Ann Roskelley and Sister Kerbs helped put this together and served several different varieties of hot chocolate to close the evening.
The hot chocolate was perfect for this cold winter evening.

January 21 - Wednesday
To Temple - did a session, sealings, and initiatory.
We always love being in the temple, and here at the Twin Falls Idaho Temple we see many friends.

Didn't get a photo at the temple, but got one of Walt looking up wistfully at an airplane flying by.  We don't miss flying so much in the big planes, but Walt misses flying his six-seater twin engine Cessna.

            I have to go to bed now....10:30pm (We're driving back to Burley in the monring--
            Monday, Feb. 2.    I will add the rest of the photos then -- I hope.
January 22 - Thursday
Haircut at Debutante - took a photo of our home showing that the snow is almost gone.
Planning for FHE dinner and lesson

January 23 - Friday
Home all day, cleaned office den
Lost one hearing aid
We watched "The Unsinkable Molly Brown."
      Didn't take any photos today.
January 24 - Saturday
Still looking for hearing aid
Worked on power point for FHE
I swept and mopped and Walt vacuumed.
       No photos today. Last week of January
January 25 - Sunday
I was coughing too much to go to Church.
Walt went to Burley 7th Ward in the morning,
then we drove to Rexburg for our grandson,
Sam to be ordained Priest.  Shawn ordained 
Sam and gave him a great blessing.

Shawn had just flown in from Oregon where he had been judging dance competitions on Saturday.

Janie and kids served a delicious Sunday
roast beef dinner, topped off by the 
chocolate mousse birthday cake.

The twelve of us there were: Janie, Shawn, Sam, Ashley, Michael, Heidi, Katie, Parker, Daniel, Kelly, Walt, and me.
It was fun to have Aimee and Michael "face time" from Tynsdale Air Force Base in Florida.  It is near Panama City.

January 26 - Monday
Looking at all the snow out their window. Rexburg usually has a lot more snow than Burley.
We drove back from Rexburg to Burley.

The rest of the day was finishing up getting
ready for the Family Home Evening for
our Empty Nester friends. We furnished ham for the main dish.
Ruth & Don Melling, Jacque & George Gorton brought funeral potatoes; Colleen & Gary McCall brought the hot veggie of squash in a yummy casserole; Marilyn & Dave Gibbon brought a tossed salad and dressings; MaryAnn & Darrel Roskelley furnished rolls (even though they were in Rexburg, they'd brought them earlier); and Bonnie & Ken Hansen brought apple crisp and ice cream, and Bonnie & Ken Fronk brought a spice cake for the desserts.
We missed not only the Roskelleys, but Scott Bloxham and Dan Black who were unable to come.

For the FHE lesson Walt did the power point of "Temple Worship" from the book by Andrew Skinner.
Then Eileen showed some power point photos of our time in this temple calling - July 20, 2011 to October 31, 2014.

         I can't believe I forgot to take any photos of the guests or the dinner.  I guess the nervousness of being in charge and seeing that everything is going okay.   I did take a few measley photos after everyone was gone.
The centerpieces for this January gathering were "New Year" hats 'n horns, and the theme of the lesson "A New Year of Temple Worship."
Here's some of the Falls Brand Tavern Ham, the rolls, and a piece of the delicious apple crisp.  It was a 5# ham, and I think over half of it was left.  We now have cooked ham slices frozen individually that should last us several months.
We so enjoy our monthly gathering with our empty-nester neighbors and appreciate everyone helping with the dinner.

January 27 - Tuesday
Still looking for hearing aid.  Finally found my purse.
We went to the temple in Twin Falls to the 11:00 a.m. session.
We had no one to take our photo together, so we took individual ones.
That early evening Aaron Larsen came and helped us with some computer things.  Aaron has come to our rescue many times with out computer problems.  He is an expert in this area.

January 28 - Wednesday
Had a quiet day.
Our dear neighbor, Darrell Roskelley called to tell us that he would be bringing two tin foil dinners over to us.  What a serendipity when I had planned nothing for dinner yet.
Foil Dinner: Put a hamburger patty, sliced potatoes, onions, and carrots inside aluminum foil then put it in hot coals (or maybe they did it in an oven in winter) and... comes out steaming hot and all cooked like this. YUM!
What great neighbors the Roskelleys are!
Tried to get a photo of the sunset at dusk, but mostly got the light from our outdoor lamp.

January 29 - Thursday
Left at 7:00 for Salt Lake City for our 11:00 appointment with
Walt's cardiac surgeon, John Doty.  After he listened to Walt's heart
he said: "Perfect."

Dr. Doty ordered and EKG. When he came back in to check it, he
said it looked good.  "We'll see you in a year," he concluded.
His wonderful physician assistant insisted that she take a photo of me with Walt and his heart surgeon.
Walt was relieved that he didn't add: "We'll see you in a year if you're still alive."

We met Julie, John, and Rigdon at Kneader's in Saratoga Springs for lunch.  They have such delicious food soups, homemade breads, French dip, sandwiches, salads....the etc. includes "death by chocolate" desserts.
Rigdon sat quietly by, not realizing what he was missing.  He'll be starting solid foods soon. He's 5 months old now.
We enjoyed the afternoon being with Julie and John and their family.
After we had an afternoon nap, Steve picked us up to have supper with them.  Natalie cooked some yummy Lasagna.
Then while Natalie went to do a scheduled training, Steve drove Kimble, Carter, Walt, and me to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building where we went to the Legacy Theater to see "Meet the Mormons" movie.
We all liked it a lot!  It had great life sketches of 6 different Mormon families from Utah/Arizona, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Atlanta, Maryland, and (one other area).
Then, of course, growing teen age boys needed a treat!  And the Artic Circle in Saratoga Springs makes the best fries, milk shakes, and sundaes.    It was a great evening with Steve & Natalie, Kimble and Carter.  (Kimble's West Lake High School swim team had just bleached their hair the night before in preparation for Saturday's Regional Swim Meet in Bountiful.  Then for state the tradition is that they shave their heads to get the fastest possible time.)
January 30 - Friday
 Friday, Jan. 30 My sister, Janice, was scheduled to have her last day of work at the Investment Company of D.A.Davidson before she retired.  She has worked most of her life.
Sadly, she had a mini-stroke on the morning of Friday, Jan. 30, and spent the morning at the Emergency Room, and was released mid-afternoon after she was stabilized. 
This is the third mini-stroke she has had and she finds her longest after-effects are having no strength for a long time.  Her first one was in the fall of 2013 at age 64.  She is definitely in our prayers for a speedy recovery.  On September 16, 2013, she had a full-fledged stroke.  She has had no paralyzing effects from these mini-strokes nor the full stroke.  We are thankful for that.

My sister's four children, Scott, Vickie, Sarah, and Michael, had scheduled a "Retirement Luncheon" on Saturday, Jan. 31, for Janice.
Her "Retirement Luncheon" has been postponed to Monday, March 16 when her oldest son, Scott, is scheduled to be here again from Austin, Texas.

Day with Julie. Lunch at Café Rio.
Evening--supper with David & Julie, 

Then we went to Anna's Summit Jr. High play, a murder
mystery "The Curse of the Cobra's Kiss."  Anna did so well in her part.
It was fun to be there with family.
It was good to see Anna's Grandfather Brent Black.
After these many years (I think Sally passed away in June 2000) we miss having Anna's Grandmother Sally Black being with us all. Anna is named for her--"Anna Sally."
It's nice to be back to see our grandchildren in their various events.
Here's David and Julie with Josh, Anna, Samuel, and William.

Here's Julie with Jacee, Jackson, and Maddie.
And here we are.  Good times!
January 31 - Saturday
And the events of this day are why we had scheduled his medical check up on the day we did.  For Christmas, Walt's main gift from me were tickets to the BYU basketball game on Jan. 31 vs Santa Clara.
Here's Walt with Gary and David leaving for Provo. Steve joined them later as he drove from Kimble's Regional Swim Meet in Bountiful.
And Walt's main Christmas gift to me was a ticket to the Broadway cast stage play of "Beauty and the Beast" on January 31.  Julie also gave her two daughters tickets to this production.
I need to have Julie send me the photo of us four together before we left.
Here's one I got of Maddie.
And here's one I got of the finale at the Kingsbury Theater on the University of Utah campus.
February 1 - Sunday (Photos at beginning of next post.)
We pray you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
We pray we may each have "the countenance of Christ in our faces" as Julie taught in our Sunday School class this day.
Con amor, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen

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