Thursday, February 13, 2014

This day in San Salvador...Walt home from the hospital.

Walt is home! (Well at our home away from our Idaho home.)
"The most likely diagnosis is urinary tract infection," Dr. López Winter on his rounds this morning as he discharged his patient.
"I am putting you on four weeks of Ciprofloxina," the doctor prescribed.  
"No strenuous exercising and be extremely careful going up stairs because the Achilles tendon will be vulnerable because this antibiotic affects the tendons," he counseled. 
"He exercises on his stationery bicycle most every morning. Is that okay?" I asked.
"Do not program any resistance into it," the cardiologist answered.
By the time Walt was showered and dressed, Jaime López was there to drive us back to the temple grounds.
After waiting a while for the bill to be ready, they wheeled Walt down to the first floor.  Great hospital, but no elevators.
Paying for the 2-day "bed and board."
Loaded and ready to take off.
Gabriel Méndez was also there to welcome President Petersen back.
About 2 1/2 hours after we returned, Elder Gerald Winter got back from the Hospital Diognostico Escalon where he had a back surgery yesterday that cemented his T12 fractured vertebrae and he was instantly pain free, after about 6 weeks of increasing back pain. An MRI last week showed the fracture.
That's a heart-shaped wreath on our door that Hna. Kitley made before she left.  Hna. Clark gave it to us before they left ten days ago.
We are thankful for modern medicine that helps us through these medical problems. But most of all we are thankful for the prayers of family and friends and Priesthood blessings that help us regain our health.
      We hope to show our gratitude through the lives we live.
    I'm baking some mini-cupcakes in cute heart liners that someone gave us.  Also hope to get some heart-shaped cookies baked for our six neighboring apartments dwellers.
Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow. 
We send our love.
"It's good to be back home," Walt said.
♫♪...there's no place like home.♪♫

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