Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The end of Walt's second day in hospital...

7:11 p.m...Sunset was about an hour ago.
The day nurse, Priscila, who has been with Walt all day, took a photo of Walt and me before she went off duty at 6:00.
Then I took a parting photo of her. Walt shows up better in this one.
Dr. López Winter made his evening rounds about an hour ago.
He thinks he will discharge Walt early in the morning.
However, Walt is spiking another fever this evening, so he's discouraged again after feeling well enough in the late afternoon to turn on the TV for the first time. 
CNN News is the only channel we can find in English.
  It's showing some bits 'n pieces of the Olympics.
   Also showed the Southeast being hit with another winter storm, which may go up to the Northeast.  I guess the bright spot is that most everywhere they need more moisture.
   Walt told Dr. López Winter that he didn't think he needed a special full-time nurse tonight, which the doctor agreed.
   So it will be just us two in the room tonight, except for the floor nurse who will be in and out checking on this precious patient.
     Signing out for the night.
     We hope to be blogging from our "home" at the San Salvador Temple Square tomorrow.

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