Sunday, October 28, 2012

This week went very most all of them do.
Our dessert for dinner today was a white forest cake made from scratch (wonder if our grandkids know what "made from scratch" means) and decorated by Hna. Kitley for Hna. Thompson's birthday.  She is from Jerome, Idaho.  Happy Birthday, Nancy.
Arlene, it was delicious!

Last night we ate dinner with the López at Las Cellboaines after the evening shift finished at the temple.
We hadn't heard mariaches for a long time, and they played Walt's request: "Jalisco, Jalisco."
Yesterday was our day with no shift.  I'm on day 3 of a bad cold and cough, so didn't get as much done on our FHE "Promised Land" presentation as I wanted to.
Walt drove out of our way to get me some needed cough medicine. He is such a sweetheart!
♫♪"I love you for sentimental reasons....♪♫"
Some scenes from this past week...
Loved this little purple flower just blooming on the north side of the temple...
Purple must be a focus color for Christmas decorating this year.
The Broadbents planted a papaya tree one year ago that was as tall as Lucy...when she was just 4.
It has grown this much in one year! Amazing what this tropical climate and rain can do.
At our monthly Gringa Brunch we put together 52 Hygiene Kits to be given where there is a need. Last October we made 50 kits, also, and they were needed within 24 hours.
Celeste holding Sophia, Delena, Nancy, Melissa, Arlene, Marilyn, Joanne, Janis, Sheralie.  Sheralie hosted this October gathering.

Sheralie is my visiting teacher and has never missed a month. She is a very talented gal, in many areas, and especially in music: piano, violin, choral. She is our stake choir director. She also teacher her four children piano and violin. She grew up in San Diego....I'll share more about her later.

All these gals are wonderful.  I could blog about each one and their many talents!  There is a sweet sisterhood here, just like any where we live in the world among the Saints.
We are continually amazed at all the humble and special people who come each day to our temple--the workers, as well as the patrons.
"The Lord will wipe the tears from your eyes when you come to the temple." Revelations, Chapter 5
Have a great week everyone.
Con amor, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen Oct. 28, 2012

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