Sunday, October 21, 2012

We had a great Los Heroes Stake Conference this morning.  This is our local stake here in El Salvador.  President Jaime López, our stake president, is also the full-time recorder at the temple, so we are privileged to be with him a lot.
  I didn't get a photo of him and Hna. Gladis López today, but here's one from a year ago, the day we arrived in El Salvador.  They are the ones who drive us to and from the airport.
There was a meeting this morning for the young single adults who are mission age. Elder Frank Wall and Hna. Diane Wall spoke to them about the blessings of serving a mission.  The spirit was very strong.
 These are just two of the many who thanked them after they spoke--a mother and daughter.
Here they are just outside the door of our stake center.
The spirit carried on into the 10:00-12:00 noon session. Can you guess what President Petersen and I spoke about?  Right! The Temple!
  I talked about the crowning ordinance in the temple: the Sealing of Families for Eternity! I said that my wish would be that each of them could be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity.  And ended with: "I hope that President Petersen and I, and our 7 children and 33 grandchildren can be worthy to be a family "para todo la eternidad."
President Rafael Majano, the 1st Counselor in the Temple Presidency, gave such a great talk about the temple that Walt said it should be printed.  Hna. Majano was not assigned to speak today.
Walt's second counselor, President Eduardo Alas, and his wife, Consuelo Alas, spoke in the Saturday session and both did a great job, sharing their thoughts about the temple and its purpose.
I didn't get a photo of the Alas yesterday, but here they are with the Majanos on Sunday, September 24 coming back from the temple after a training of the Saturday morning and afternoon temple workers.
Walt just got back from an all-stake Family History meeting, and wants to go for a walk around the temple grounds. So I'll continue this blog when we get back.
    We have to walk before the heavy rains start in the evening.  It did rain this morning while we were in the session.  We only have one more month of the rainy season.

We got back within the hour, but I went on to other "have to's" like baking blueberry muffins for our Sisters Brunch tomorrow morning.

Also, I heated the tortilla soup that a sweet sister gave to us after the stake conference session this morning.  Then on our walk she brought the avacado, chips, and cheese that go in it.  It was very delicious.

I took a few photos on our walk.  I'll finish about stake conference and our walk tomorrow...........or sometime.  
When we got in front of the stake center, a family came out that we knew, so the dad took a photo for us.  That's our apartment complex behind us, so you can tell "how far" we have to walk to church.
Here's the sweet Hermana who brought the soup, then caught up with us on our walk by the front of the temple to bring those other ingredients mentioned above.
We were just in front of the temple when she came, which is only about a 30-second walk from the front of the stake center.
I said to Walt: "It's nice to come out and walk around the temple grounds. It makes it feel more like we really live here."
    More photos to come........
       Have a great week.

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