Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mission Health Visit to Neuquen...continued

We have been with all 14 mission presidents and their wives
in the South America South Area of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.
We are currently in the Argentina Neuquen Mission for the
second mission health visit here, with the new president and wife -
President Darwin y Hna. Nola Peterson from Bountiful.
Hna. Peterson, took a photo of
us by the lavender flowers in the back yard.
(The next photo shows the flowers.)
Walt wanted a photo of me by the lavender flowers in front of the mission office, which is right in the back yard of the mission home.
Just when we were loading at noon, it slipped out that one of the office Elders had an ingrown toenail. So the doctor's suitcase was unloaded (you might know it was the one on the bottom) and he unpacked his medical tools and went to work.
When other missionaries watch -- they either think they'd like to go into medicine
or never go into medicine.
Now this Elder will be able to walk without pain.
Then we loaded up for the 8-hour drive.
Yes, Presidente y Hna. Peterson,
Elder Camacho y Elder Jensen - Assistants to the President
and Area Medical Advisor and wife -- us,
were all in one van.
Worldwide they have cut the missions from 3 vehicles to 2.
This is what we saw on the 8-hour drive yesterday...
actually it just took from 12:40 noon to 7:40 p.m.
Nuequen to Trelew (near Punto Tumbo where we saw the penguins
here in Dec. 2008, just before I turned 70).No, that isn't sagebrush. Hna. Peterson said it's a "wannabe..."


Janiece said...

I miss being there so much.
I can not believe you will be returning home so soon.

SAYDA said...

I can't believe you are coming home next month. You have had quite an amazing time. I's so glad you blogged about everything.