Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Abbey, Mikayla, Katie...

Here are two birthdays from January I didn't get in, plus Katie's 16th birthday today.
We are thankful for our 32 grandchildren, and are wishing each one a
on our blog this year of 2 0 1 0.
Happy Birthday, Katie, "16" today, February 3, 2010.
This is a photo of her on Dec. 3, 2009, when she got her braces off.
"Sweet Sixteen" for sure.

Mikayla, Happy Birthday on January 31. She turned "14."

I don't have a separate photo of her here in Argentina.

She is on the top left in this family photo of John & Julie.
Mikayla, we hope you had a Happy Birthday on Sunday.

We have four granddaughters born in 2000, and Janie nicknamed them

"The Millennial Girls"

Abbey is the first of these granddaughters to turn 10.

...Abbey...when I tried to type in that we got some fun e-mails from you on your 10th birthday because you got your own e-mail address....the photo I had of you accidently "deleted."
I'll add it back in on Friday, Feb. 5, when I put in Emma's 10th birthday--the second of
"The Millennial Girls"
It's Grampa's turn to use the computer now. Chau.

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Julie said...

Wow - can't believe it's February already! Keep trying to call you - I guess you are never home when I am home. Going to Burley this weekend for the Rachel Darrington's funeral. Love you.