Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ben "5" on Feb. 21

Happy Birthday, Jerry BENJAMIN Brewer...
5 years old on February 21, 2005.
It doesn't seem possible that it's been 5 years
since we flew out to New Haven, Conneticut
when you were born just before we left
for our Central America Area Mission.
Ben is on the far right.
Here's Ben with his family in November 2007.
Ben is on his Mom's lap.
Benjamin, second from left, with his family
in Rexburg, Idaho with the Fishers last summer.
Looks like he was king for a day.
Ben got to be with his family and
the Fisher family last summer.
Here's Ben with his sister Sarah last summer
at Yellowstone Park.
Looks like Benjamin had lots to choose from at his
family's New Year's Eve party this year.
Ben, front left, is with his family on the blessing day of Elizabeth Jane
in January 2010.
Ben is the second from left by his new baby sister's flower.
Ben now has two brothers and two sisters.We hope you had a very happy birthday on Monday of this week.

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