Monday, December 14, 2009

My last day to be 70...

December 15th will be a great day for more reasons than just
the day I turn 71. Read on...
The photo above is in our area office this morning.
I've been driving in Argentina since Friday evening going to our apartment from the area office. Friday afternoon Walt discovered that the paper he got from the police station on Oct. 13 when he went to report his wallet had been pickpocketed on the subway--does NOT authorize him to drive without his driver's license that was in the stolen wallet.
Up until that moment he had been told it authorized him to drive. However, that afternoon
he read at the bottom of the paper that it did not.
His new driver's license is scheduled to arrive tomorrow,
Dec. 15, via Fed Express from Boise.
Until then, I've become the designated driver.
So far so good...
1. The mile and a half from area office to our apt.
2. Saturday morning from our apt to our grocery store "Jumbos"...about 1/2 a mile.
3. To our ward building Sat night for the Christmas party...a couple of miles.
3. Sunday to ward for our 9am to noon Church block.
4. The mile and a half this morning to the area office.
As long as I can stay in my lane with Walt telling me when I need to change lanes
...I've done okay.
It's just when some of those 13,000,000 other people--well maybe only a million of them have cars...try to push me out of my lane or make 5 lanes across where only 3 lanes are painted,
when I start to panic.
Fed Ex...please come through tomorrow with Walt's driver's license!


Julie said...

I think that's a good Christmas Wish! Glad to see you are both still in one piece with all those other crazy drivers on the road!

Janiece said...

Yea, loved the Argentine driving experience.
There is NO WAY I would have done it in B.A.

Hope your day was extra special and that the FEDEX arrived!