Monday, December 21, 2009

Dale & Connie are here! We are thrilled.

Yes, they're here!
Dale & Connie's plane landed at 8:08 Sunday morning, Dec. 20.
We wisked them to our apartment...stopping at the temple for some photos --
except my camera was sitting back at the apartment. But they had their cameras.
Then we wisked them off to the ending of our block -- Sacrament meeting.
After dinner we finally let them get some sleep after their 16-hour, 3 different plane trip from Twin Falls, Idaho, to Salt Lake to Atlanta to Buenos Aires.
They breezed through customs when some airline person kindly escorted them past all the long lines and right out the door to where we were waiting.
And the $130 USD charge for each U.S. citizen entering Argentina that the US Embassy had advised us went into effect December 20th, didn't.
The photo below shows us at the Monte Grande Stake Center (1 hour drive) after the final performance of 8 of "Noche de Luz" (Night of Light) by a choral and instrumental group of Argentina Buenos Aires South Missionaries.
A marvelous musical rendering of the Savior's Birth, Life, and Atonement.

Connie tried to get a photo of this little boy as he was taking a photo of one of the pretty, blonde Sister Missionaries who had sung in the choir.

We had a typical Mormon Sunday dinner: Roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy...except the gravy was non-typical since Walt (before we dashed off to the airport early morning) seared it and put the onions on the bottom and top. However, I thought he knew to put in a couple cups of water since we let it slow-cook for 6 hours, but he didn't and all the drippings were burned. But the roast was okay. Luckily there was a "country gravy" mix left from our predecesors, which I made and it was better than no gravy at all.

Did I mention we're so excited to have them here?!


Julie said...

Yeah, we are so excited they are there to spend Christmas with you. Have fun on your big bus ride!

SAYDA said...

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!