Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthday evening...

December 15, 2009 - to end my birthday, Walt took me out to dinner.
Our camera has a mind of its own--the date changed without my noticing till we were in the restaurant. The photo should say 12/15/09
Walt took me out to dinner at "Kansas," which advertises as "the best North American food in South America," and it is! I ordered the "Houston Bar-b-que Spareribs. Walt and I shared...he gave me half of his grilled salmon and I gave him half of my spare ribs.
Sometimes the date goes waco on my camera...the photo is really 12/15/09

First, before the photo of what we had for dessert at my birthday dinner,
here's what's left of the delicious fudge gift from all of our kids.
Thanks, kids, this is the best fudge we've to John's, of course.
We usually don't order dessert after dinner at the Kansas Restaurant, but for my birthday I got the New York cheesecake... but we were so full, I took half of it home.
Walt chose a hot fudge sundae -- no surprise.
Except the "fudge" wasn't hot.


Julie said...

Yum - that makes me hungry for some ribs! Looks delicious! Glad you had a fun birthday. Enjoy your last birthday being in warm weather!

Nat said...

glad to see you celebrating your birthday with a yummy dinner out! glad you will be home for your next birthday!