Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Merry Christmas month continues...

At the end of the final zone conference in the Paraguay Asuncion Mission.
The four zone conferences were from November 30 to December 3.
We hope that our health presentation and then talking with missionaries one-on-one to help resolve their health concerns will help this Lord's Army of Righteous young men and young women go forward in converting many so they will be able to receive eternal blessings through the temple ordinances and covenants.
This mission is not blessed to have any senior missonary couples.
Presidente y Hna. Callan from Farmington, Utah, are doing an exceptionally wonderful job as mission president and wife of the Paraguay Asuncion Mission since they arrived in July 2009.
We enjoyed the 5 days we were invited to spend with them and their missionaries at their four December zone conferences.

Of the 160 missionaries, 92 had a health concern that they wanted to talk to Dr. Petersen about at the four zone conferences Nov. 29 to Dec. 4. It took about 12 hours driving to get to the different areas of the mission.
I keep the records of concerns, diagnosis, and treatments suggested by Dr. Petersen.
Mail from home for a missionary is like manna from heaven.
We love serving missionaries. Caption is at the bottom of this photo.
Missionaries...above, pose just before going back out to teach the truths of the Gospel to God's honest in heart.

We love all missionaries, but have a special place in our heart for Sister Missionaries.
Only a few Christmas packages come in time for Christmas. Most of the parents don't realize how long it takes to get a package to a missionary....even after it arrives in the country.
So most get their Christmas box in January, February, or even March. These missionaries had "sandwich pizzas" for lunch in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.
The boundaries of this zone are next to Igauzu Falls.
You can tell which Elders have been well taught at home, they don't have to be asked to help. They see what needs to be done and do it--like cleaning up after zone conference.
The Callans said that Elder Eyring told them that when he thinks of missionaries in Paraguay, he thinks of the red dirt on their shoes. We saw the truth of that...the dirt here IS red.
Great missionaries! From all over the world.
Teaching God's truths.
I always lose one photo per post. I lost the Elder playing the piano. Will have to put in another post. This Elder is a great missionary and a great piano player.
Below: We love to see missionaries eat.
Some days they don't have much food, but on zone conference day they get tp make up for those scarce days.
My favorite photo from Paraguay Asuncion Mission Zone Conference #2
This 3rd and final Twin Rix shot will give him life-time protection from Hepatitis.
Paraguay Asuncion Mission Zone Conference #1
Ten of their 16 sister missionaries are in these zones.

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