Sunday, August 23, 2009

The talk is over...all's right with the world...

Yes,the Talk is over on "The Long-Term Benefits of Family Home Evening"! The black was my typing in English; the red was the Spanish translation.

A relieved and happy Hna. Petersen. There were many words I mispronounced, but Walt was a good sport and said everyone got the message and felt the spirit.

The potatoes, carrots, and celery are ready to be added to the roast an hour before it is done.
The roast has been seared and browned...
...and is now roasting in the oven.

The dough for the rolls, and cinnamon rolls is rising in the sunshine from the patio window.
The clothes from yesterday's wash that didn't fit on our 6-line, short strand clothes line in the laundry cove, are drying in the same sun coming in from the patio windows.

Walt has taken off his suit jacket and tie and is working on the family home evening lesson for the 7 Sr. Missionary couples at our home tomorrow. "The Law of the Harvest" or how we can never get ahead of the Lord in how he blesses us. It will be based on "for every law there is a blessing predicated" or however the scripture goes. He's been mulling it in his mind for quite a while. I'm looking forward to it. As one of our Sister missionaries at a mission resunion said: "It's so wonderful to hear doctrine from my mission president again." Walt has been given a gift to teach doctrine pure and refined. [He will be uncomfortable with my praising him again. So be it.]

We can see the photos of our children and grandchildren and my Mom & Dad.

And the train is going by our corner of Buenos Airea ...

Even though my back is still hurting -- Yes! All's right with the world right now!!!

I have read my Chapter in the Book of Mormon while waiting for each photo to upload. In this chapter I wrote on "Good scriptures for Aimee's missionary letters" which I keep a record of just before the Book of Mormon cover page: Helaman 14: 8; 17.
Hope your Sabbath Day is right with the world, too.


Jogusboy said...

A week or two ago, there was a talk in sacrament meeting, claiming that the Sabbath was more of a blessing than a restriction, as all of the blessings of the Lord are. I agree with it, and I know that the Sabbath is a special day to connect with loved ones and the Lord.

We are praying that you and your back will start to feel better.

Julie said...

Glad to hear you survived your talk! I am just starting to prepare mine for next week, along with the first lesson for YW. The temple dedication was wonderful. We were lucky enough to hear from Elder Ukdorf, Elder Bednar and Pres. Monson. All spectacular. Love you, Julie

Janiece said...

I have learned one thing very important while being here in ARGENTINA, and that is, that the Spirit really does teach.
I do not understand Spanish...yet at church (when class is on topic) I understand almost everything.
I love your family home evening lesson idea...what a great topic.
Hope you are doing better.

sue said...