Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Thursday in Buenos Aires...

We remember our first week in this crazy big city
so had Elder y Hna. Fuqua--Charles and Eileen--over for dinner on their third day here.
They have lived most of their life in Oklahoma City and western Oklahoma, until they retired from their education careers in administration and teaching. Then they moved to Wellsville, Utah, to be near their 5 sons and families.
They replace Elder y Hna. Chalmers over PEF for the area. That day in the office Elder Petersen sorted lists of information about hospitals and doctors
for the three different countries--Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay,
to see if they are still accurate for the 14 different missions.

Ready to leave the office earlier than usual to go buy the fixin's for dinner. When we got into Jumbo's I changed my menu and decided to cook pork chops for the new missionary couple who arrived Tuesday. After all it was Thursday, and I had forgotten that I always used to cook pork chops that day. Didn't have any other "fixed meal on a certain day" except for Thursday. Don't remember when that tradition began.

I'm lucky that my Christmas gift to Walt--the computer pull case I have, was too small for Walt's computer, and I get to "pull" my planner and things back and forth to the office with it.


Jogusboy said...

You are always busy in your South America mission!! Take care.

SAYDA said...

Busy little bees!!! I hope your back is feeling better.