Monday, August 10, 2009

The Mantle of the Priesthood is...

Walt did great as usual when he gives a talk! The Bishop couldn't thank him enough, many others were clammoring around him to tell him what a good talk it was. One little man said: "Your talk was very interesting, but you needed to put your mouth closer to the microphone. It was hard to hear you."

To which I said to Walt: "See, I'm not the only one."

Here's a few highlights:

"We don't really know what the mantle of the priesthood is, we just know what it does.

The keys of the priesthood authorize; the mantle of the priesthood qualifies and facilitates the use of the keys.

Mantle of a Bishop:
A bishop is over five main areas
1)The Presiding High Priest of the Ward
2) President of the Aaronic Priesthood
3) President of the Priests Quorum
4) Common Judge in Israel of his ward members
5) Custodian of the Funds

He needs a mantle to be able to do all that.

Mantle of the Prophet:
I'll look up the exact quote from the April 2008 General Conference that Elder Jeffrey Holland said about "seeing the mantle of the Prophet descend upon President Thomas S. Monson in that Conference."

Mantle of auxiliary presidents:
A mantle to help them in their calling also comes through the mantle of the Priesthood to the following:
1) Primary Presidents
2) Young Women Presidents
3) Relief Society Presidents
4) Sunday School Presidents
5) Other presidents...

Mantle of Fathers and Mothers:
Fathers and mothers also have a mantle to help them in their eternal calling that they are never released from.


jpete777 said...

I haven't heard many of Grampa's talks, but but the ones I've had the pleasure of hearing were great. I'm sure this was no different. Of course it helps to have such a wonderful "assistant" at his side!

Julie said...

I know he was just wonderful. And mom, I'm glad he has you there to support and help him. Love you! PS - who is jpete777?

Jogusboy said...

That's a great talk!!