Sunday, April 19, 2009

The sun sets on Walt's 75th birthday - April 17, 2009

And how does Walter Ray Petersen end the day he turned THREE-QUARTERS OF A CENTURY! Yes, looking at the sunset out on our 4th floor small balcony talking on the telephone about a sick missionary. He said later: "I feel old, obsolete, and worn out. I'm going to sit in my rocking chair for the next year and unplug the telephone." To which I say: "That will be the day!"
I love my 75-year old husband. 75 years is young compared to our eternity together!
I still pinch myself daily and count my lucky stars that I actually am married to Walt Petersen!


The VIPs said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Walt!

Jogusboy said...

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!!

Hope you had a great one!

Janiece said...

Happy Birthday!
What an amazing sunset.