Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have a nice, peaceful Sabbath...

Elder Petersen's had 3 emergency surgeries to arrange in the past 29 hours, plus today we drove out to the dedication of the Argentine Church 14-stake campsite, then helped clean the church building for our Palermo Ward's turn.
The Gospel is true, we have a Prophet to guide us, A Savior who has Redeemed us, and a Heavenly Father who loves us.
My sweetheart just said: "Scrumptious, please come to bed." It is past our missionary bedtime. So goodnight dear ones. xoxoxoxox


Julie said...

Sounds like you have a little Jimminy Cricket helping you follow the rules! Hope you have a good Sunday.

Jogusboy said...

You've been busy!! hope you will be able to calm down and think about the savior today.