Sunday, January 11, 2009

Church Camp dedicated Jan. 10, 2009

We senior couples were invited to the new Church camp dedication, Sat., Jan 10. It's an old many acre plantation/hacienda, which has been in the construction stage for the past 3 years since the Church bought it. It's about an hour out of the city, and Pres. Bowen told us it's worth 10 times it was 3 years ago because a main road has been built near it since they purchased it in 2006. Each of the 14 stake presidents, their families, and we were served a grandiose asado--many kinds of meat. We tried everything except the blood sausage.
In his dedication prayer, Walt told me (it was all in Spanish, of course) that the camp was dedicated to be a place of refuge for the youth and for families--both member and non-member and that the youth would have their testimonies strengthened from their activities together there.
Another Sr. couple told us to dress for camping, but most everyone else was in very nice clothes. We felt somewhat out of place.

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