Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why don't my cutlines under photos come out in order I type them? In the next photo, here is the right order:

L-R Louisa Aidukaitis holding new baby Elizabeth, baby's mom Jemima Garaguso, Lynette Bowen, Polly Glenn, Chrissy Anderson, Deana Leckie, you know who. Lucy Casablanca is on the R in photo above.

The lowdown on their husbands: Elder Marcos Aidukaitis was just called into the First Quorum of Seventy, 5 children, lives in condo below Bowens, 2ndC in Area Pres'y SAS; Pablo Garaguso is head of the Family History Department here at area office, first baby; Elder Shayne Bowen is the South Am South Area President, 5 children, their youngest dau, Dylin, is a senior going to BYU Idaho next year they think; Rich Glenn is with the US Embassy, 2 daughters, just here since August; Jared Anderson is with an oil company here, 4 children, ages 7-2; Richard Leckie, Sr. missionary, is the area auditor, 9 children; Justo Casablance,SM, is the executive secretary for area presidency, 4 sons, 6 grandsons.

We had this monthly "lunch bunch" at Lynette's home this afternoon. Sometimes they go visit places, but today was just a "getting to know you" time with everyone just talking while eating taco salad, Lynette's homemade rolls with honeybutter, cookies, banana bread and the best flan I've ever eaten. (I'll post the recipe.)

Walt drove us three SM's from the area office over and we took a taxi back for 11.40 pesos (just under $4).

They're still amazed at our having 7 children; but Deana Leckie has 9. She told the gals today that her last baby was born right after she turned 42, to which Louisa Aidukaitis added: "My husband was born when his Mom was 45. And she's still living at age 93."

As Deana said in thanking Lynette as we were leaving: "It's good to get away from the office."

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Julie said...

Glad to see your social life isn't suffering since you've gone on your mission - or should I say has picked up!

Maddie carried around a picture she found of you both all day yesterday. It's pretty crumpled up but you can tell it was loved!