Sunday, November 2, 2008

Need help getting photos into my blog

HAPPY NOVEMBER May our gratitude show in our attitude.
Could someone please e-mail me step by step of how to get photos into the blog.
I could do it with John or Julie helping me step by step. Now I've forgotten. (Surprise.)

And how do you get those darling backgrounds thagt go with the seasons.

Wow....have you all seen the "Young & Beautiful" fun blog of a family member that was just started yesterday? It's great!

Janie, Julie, Jen, Michelle, Josh.....loved catching up on your blogs today, in addition to the new one. I won't give the surprise away till you have looked at it. You can get a link to it from the "Fisher Family."

Thanks for the fun photos of all the kids in their Halloween costumes--Vampiress, Buzz Lightyear, the Pumpkin who was only a Pumpkin head, Power Ranger, Rapunzel, Ben-whatever that was, and the Alligator....oh and the reverse Dr. turned Zumbie teacher and Dietitician turned doctor.

Loved the clips of Emma's swim meet--WAY TO GO, EMMA! It's fun to hear your Mom cheering for you.

Fun to see Daniel & Katie's rock 'n roll. Daniel....about the guys giving you a hard time about dancing with your sister--they're all wishin' they had a sister....sisters so pretty and talented!
Grampa's played the clips several times in the last few minutes.

We hosted the first dinner in our Argentina apartment today. Elder y Hna. Allred (Gary & Reva live on 8th floor of our bldg) loved the saucy pork chops (Thanks Vickie for sending me Grama A's recipe.) The other couple on the 5th floor flew home Friday and their replacements don't come until the middle of Dec.

Gary looked into the basket of hot rolls and exclaimed: "Did you make these rolls from scratch?"
"Yes, I did."
Walt was like a security guard with his flash light illuminating the temp control hanging on the rack the whole 20 minutes of their baking for our first attempt at baking something in this gas oven. With the left-over dough from the 20 rolls I baked some cinnamon rolls and a loaf of bread.

Reva brought the salad and dessert....a yummy carrot, raisin, apple salad; for dessert watermelon. As she went to the kitchen to bring it into the dining room, I went in and said in a kindly way: "Reva, please don't be offended, but Walt doesn't like watermelon."
"Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't inquire," she said, "I thought everyone liked watermelon. Well, he can have another of your delicious rolls and jam for his dessert," she added good naturedly.

I took photos of us at the dinner, the guys doing the dishes after (they tell us it's a Sr. Missionary dinner tradition), and then some of us in each room of the apt. I've got them in the computer but would like to post them. I know it's easy when you hit the right buttons.
YYYYYYYLove, Mom/Grama Petersen/
Aunt Eileen/Eileen on a Sunday in Buenos Aires ... 5 hours ahead of Mt. Standard Time now.


Beauty and the Jogus said...

Hey, I thought I was second to "discover Young and Beatiful! I love your blog, Grandma.

Brewer Bunch said...

Love your update! It's fun to read about your happenings, but I keep picturing everything in your Guatemala, so you'll have to send some pics of your new apartment :).
to add pictures:
1. sign in to your blog
2. click on "new post" in the upper right corner (by where your sign in name is)
3. When the box to add a new post comes up, there should be some icons across the top of the box (like text, bold, etc.). The third one from the right is a picture icon
4. Double click on the picture icon and another box will come up to have you add pictures from your computer
5. (If you want to add more than one at a time, click on the 'add another image' and you can upload up to 5 at a time)
6. click on 'choose file' and it will take you into your computer, where you can find what images you want to add.
7. Once you have the images you want, press the orange button at the bottom "upload image"

It takes a while to upload, but once they are in, you click "done" and then you can go into your post and add any explanations.

Let me know if this helps at all. Take care and have a great day!