Sunday, November 2, 2008

High Five TagInstructions: give 5 answers to these 5 questions and choose 5 more to do the same.

5 Most Important qualities in a person:
1. Genuine - they walk their talk
2. True blue - with you and behind your back
3. Honest - No matter what
4. Kind - Heart of Gold
5. Compassionate - they'd give you the shirt off their back

5 things you cannot live without
1. My husband -- and all that entails Y
2. My children and grandchildren -- what a blessing they are in our lives here and hereafter!
3. My computer to keep in touch with #2 when 1 mile or 7,000 miles away
4. My testimony of where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going...
5. My camera -- almost forgot this "attached at the hip" device

5 foods you love
1. Homemade bread
2. My homemade apple pie
3. Ice Cream - (I think I must have done this...didn't I say smooth ice cream/no crunchies.)
4. Cheese cake and chocolate mousse
5. Pina Coladas - alcohol free, of course. (n has n-yay over it like Josh's smilely faces)

5 places you want to go
1. On a cruise - with my hubby, and hopefully with our kids/spouses for our 50th anniversary
2. Or to Israel for the 50th anniversary...if it's safe to travel there then.
3. Disney World with family to have them see my favorite "Carousel of Progress"
4. Disneyland - anytime!
5. Celestial Kingdom way in the future....but turning 70 in Dec makes it too close for comfort
(Note for #5: "places WANT to go...not meaning I think I've got it made...not by long shot.)

5 random things
1. Yes, the toilet paper must go OVER the roll. I redo it if it's not.
2. Enjoy watching old 1930s, '40s, and 50's movies.
3. Eat black licorice nibs to help stay awake when driving
4. Emphatic about keeping the stove top clean
5. Pet peeve - being called by my first name by people who don't know me--like bank tellers

5 people to do the same
1. Aimee
2. McKell
3. Kelsey
4. Josh
5. Jacee
6. Emma
7. Seth

7's a better # than 5 anyway.

I'll do that "7 something" questionnaire later. Now I'll see if Walt will do this "5 somethings..."
signing off 9:40p.m. Sunday, November 2, 2008 - downunder in South America

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Beauty and the Jogus said...

Hey, I started High Five Tag!! But, I'll get Anna to do it, and that's even cooler.