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This week in Burley, Idaho - March 23 - 29, 2015

This week in Burley, I D A H O
Monday - Sunday - March 23-29, 2 0 1 5

March 23, 2015 - Monday
Empty Nester Neighborhood  FHE at George and Jacque Gorton's home - theme " MARDI GRAS "  Jambalaya, Okra Creole, Beignets, etc...

We shared "turning points" in our lives.
Here's who was able to come...

March 24, 2015 - Tuesday
A quiet, cold, rainy day.  We built a fire in the fire place and kept warm and dozy inside.  
In the evening I picked up a prescription for Walt and then went to the stake center for my temple recommend which expires the end of March.

March 25, 2015 - Wednesday
We walked over to Melling's home this morning to see how the ramp is coming that Ron Bench is building for the return of Don and Ruth on Saturday, March 28.  It should accommodate the wheelchair for Don very well.  
Ron measuring.

Here are some photos of the ramp.
Here's the ramp from the front of the house.

Here's from the west side of the ramp.  There are strict regulations and requirements for a ramp.  It has to be a certain length so as not to be too steep for the wheelchair to go up and back down safely.

This is one of the best ramps we have ever seen.  Ron has been working on this in all kinds of weather. Monday and Tuesday were cold, windy, with scattered rain showers.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are predicted to have warmer temperatures each day to finish the week.

Harry Carpenter stopped by to talk with us and to see the ramp.

As we left we apologized for taking Ron's time, but he said he was happy to talk with us.

It appears that Don is getting more feeling in his left arm each day. That is a very good sign that his left side is waking up slowly but surely.  Walt went to physical therapy at 3:30 today.
He didn't go Monday because they were changing their computers over to a new system and did not schedule any patients.
Here he is...  


March 26 - Thursday
Walt chose boiled eggs and English muffins for breakfast today.
Then we put a roast on to feed the Spanish-speaking missionaries this evening--Elder Bradley from Grand Junction, Colorado, who goes home next week.  Elder Martinez, who has been here almost a year, is from Texas.
I didn't get a photo of the dinner until after they left.  Here's some of what we served.  They liked the hot, homemade rolls, which I sent some home with them.
They left a nice spiritual message with us and left their blessing on the Petersen home.  We trying to think of some friends who could use the blessings of knowing about The Great Restoration of the Gospel for this Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. 
Is there any of you in our blog land who would like to know more about The Book of Mormon and its messge? 
It will change your life for the better for eternity!

March 27 - Friday
Here's the ramp completed with the side railings.
It's the best-built ramp we have ever seen! Ron Bench does good work!
What a fun surprise to have the Melling's youngest son, John, there with his three darling children.
John, Janell 7, Don 5, and _______ 3, had just driven in from Seattle on their way to Salt Lake City, and then drive back to Chicago the next day.
Dan Black came by just then walking his cute white, fluffy dog
Walt had his Physical Therapy Session #10 this afternoon at 3:30 at the Burley Hospital.  His first time on this machine.
Then the two gals who worked with him today--Alisha and _______ walked him with just a cane.
Then they ice his right hip for 10 minutes before we leave.
We try to take a little drive when we leave the hospital because it's so nice to be out of the house for a while.  We saw three boats on the river at River Front Park.  It was 78º degrees today....have to turn the car air conditioner on.
As we drove around Bedke Boulevard, we saw 6 or 7 boat trailers. So nice to see boats out on the river again.  This is a nice new boat ramp area for Burley.
I made a "Friday Night Nacho Bake" from a recipe I got off the Internet today.  Went shopping for some of the ingredients at Smith's when I first let Walt off for his P.T. session.
   We enjoyed it, but for all the fuss of getting it put together, I'd just as soon have a Taco Salad.
    Watched the NCAA "Sweet Sixteen" basketball game of Utah vs Duke.  Utah had a run in the last 4 minutes and were catching up, but then Duke stopped them cold and the Blue Devils won by 6 to advance to the "Elite Eight," which will send some to the Final Four, leading to the Championship.  Then the "March Madness" will end for another year.

March 28 - Saturday
And here they are - driving in at 2:05 on Saturday afternoon.
David drove his Mom & Dad home from their four weeks at the University of Utah Medical Center where Don was life-flighted on Friday, February 27 because of a stroke on his left side.
There were 21 there to greet Don & Ruth as they pulled in
....with 6 more coming just after they arrived.
Don & Ruth Melling – Homecoming – Saturday, March 28, 2015
Their oldest son, David, drove them from Salt Lake City.
They arrived at their home in Burley at 2:05 p.m. 
(The clock on my camera card is an hour behind.)
 Those who welcomed the Mellings back home:
 1.     Walt Petersen
      2.     Eileen Petersen
   3.     David Gibbons
      4,  Marilyn Gibbons
   5.     George Gorton   
 6.     Jacque Gorton
    7.     Bishop Steve Gerratt
   8.     Michelle Gerratt with a “Welcome Home” sign
   9.     McKay Gerratt  
10.   Tyler Gerratt
 11.   Claire Gerratt                         
    12. Ryan Gerratt
         13.    Dallin Gerratt
  14.  Alan Fluckinger
 15. Diane Fluckinger
  16.  David Hansen
 17. Alice Hansen
  18.  Ken Hansen1  
19.  Bonnie Hansen
    20. Ron Bench
 21.   Friend of Ron Bench
  22.  Ken Fronk
  23.  Bonnie Fronk
24. Chris Fronk
    25.  Dan Black
  26.  Sister Muir - Missionary
 27.  Sister Taguba  - Missionary

Don made the trip well--tired but happy to see so many neighbors and friends.  Ruth made sure she greeted and thanked each one.
David pushes Don up the ramp for its official maiden voyage with Don in the wheelchair.
And they are entering the house -- finally home for real.
As the friends get ready to leave, it's time for Don to have a rest. Walt lingers a minute or two more to make sure his dear friend is doing okay.
A photo with Don, Ruth, Walt and Eileen before we leave.
Then one with David and the others.
What a welcome home!

March 29 - Sunday
We took dinner to Mellings after Church.
Then Sharon Haroldsen and her twin sister Karen stopped in.

I'm putting our photo on....then we're watching Killing Jesus on the National Geographic channel.   We'll finish this tomorrow.
We pray you've had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
Heavenly Fathers loves all of us!

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