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This week in Burley, Idaho...

The week of March 9-15, 2015 in Burley, I D A H O
March 9 - Monday
Here is the miracle of Shawn's over-night healing.
The blood test that was 763 yesterday, that the normal limits are from 7-81, was redone this morning and everything was normal!
Dr. Wells said to Shawn that his body had done its thing and the stone passed, unplugging that duct that was causing the problem with the pancreas.
   Then Dr. Wells added that we all know what that is called--"Priesthood."
Shawn was discharged from the hospital and they got to our home about 10:00.
I cooked them a "Grama-Jane breakfast" of fried bacon, spuds, and eggs, with toast and juice.
Except Shawn was on clear liquids (he'd had some clear jello and juice before he left the hospital), so he just had the Cran-Raspberry juice.
Janie and Shawn slept a couple of hours, then Shawn's Dad, Budd, came to drive them to Rexburg.
Here is Budd closing the door as Shawn got in and adjusted the seat to lie back a little.
Later that day Walt went in for his second physical therapy session as an out patient.  Brent McMillan worked with him today.
Our neighbors, Tom and Irene Blayney came over to find out how Don is doing since his stroke on Feb. 27.  We told them that he is paralyzed on his left side, and has lost the vision in his left eye.  He can talk, but it is hard to understand him.
   The physicians are telling them that there is still hope that some of the feeling will come back on that left side.

March 10 - Tuesday 
We voted today for a school bond for improvements in every school in the Cassia County School District.  Hope it passes.

Newspaper headlines the next morning said: "SCHOOLS WIN BIG."  It passed by 75% (needed a 2/3 majority, so it passed easily).
Tonight we watched the BYU vs Gonzaga Basketball Pacific Coast Conference Championship game.  Poor Cougars just couldn't get it together and lost by about 20 points.  They may or may not get a spot in the NCAA March Madness Tournament.  They are in a play off game Tuesday, March 17 to determine if they have a spot.
G O    C O U G A R S !
March 11 - Wednesday
Today our neighbor of 49 years, Irene Blayney turned "80".
I made her a personalized birthday card.
March 11, 2015
I included this wonderful photo of The Tom & Irene Blayney Family - Their Christmas card for December 2014

We’ve loved being your neighbors for these 44 years--
since 1971, plus 5 years before that just three houses north on Burton Avenue.

(I put a small wedding photo of Walt and Eileen when we were 27 and 22, then typed this beside it: "But we still all feel young at heart!")
We walked over early this evening just before sundown and gave Irene her homemade card and a print from El Salvador made from dried plants.
They told us that Ruth and Don Melling had called today and they were so happy to talk with them.
Kirt had told us this afternoon that Don had been able to push his left leg down with some force on his own after the physical therapists had pulled it up.  He was also able to move his little finger on the left hand, which he had not been able to do.
   Here is a photo of Don and Ruth with their youngest son, John taken five years ago on June 14, 2010, two months before their Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Walt had physical therapy this afternoon. Brent started with him, then Troy finished.   Troy put the security belt on and held on to it while he had walk with a cane without the walker.  Walt said he felt "shaky."
March 12 - Thursday
We would have driven to Utah today to help with Maddie and Jackson while Jacee competes at the National Ballroom competition held on the BYU campus in the Marriott.
But Walt is not to travel until four weeks after his surgery--for two reasons Dr. Crane said:
1. Increased risk of blood clots after surgery.
2. The jostling in the car driving for that long is not good for it repaired hip this soon after surgery.
    Put photo of Jacee and her partner at

Walt went to see Dr. Gilbert Crane today about his swollen knee.
  When his x-ray technician brought in the x-rays taken today of his knees, Dr. Crane exclaimed: "You have horrible knees.  How are you able to even walk?!"
They are full of arthritis and no cartilage, and look like you should be in a lot of pain.  So Walt feels blessed that he is not in a lot of pain with his knees.
The current swelling is from an infusion of fluid, partly from the arthritis and the manipulation necessary during the hip surgery.
Next Thursday (March 19--which is one month since he fell) Walt will keep his regular appointment to check on the hip surgery.
Dr. Crane just smiles and says okay when I ask 
if I can take a photo of him beside Walt.
Surprise! As we were leaving, Walt ran in 
to someone who knew him.  
This has happened a lot since we've been back home.
It always brightens Walt's day.
When we drove up from physical therapy, there was our dear friend and neighbor, Darrell Roskelley, mowing our lawn.  It made the whole yard look so much better.  We so appreciate his kindness and thoughtfulness in helping us so much!
Serendipity Study Club's program Thursday evening was given by Megan Petersen about her time in Africa.  She did an amazing job and we learned so much about that Continent and how people there live and about the health issues they endure.  
Megan is like her Mom--making the world a better place.
Pat Greenman was the hostess for the last time.  They have sold their beautiful home in Burley on Laurel Drive (it had been the home of Otis and Kathrine Williams) and they are looking at a home in Twin Falls.  We will miss them a lot!
Also pictured on the right is Karma Lambert, our hostess for last month.
I tried to get a picture of everyone around the room, but I missed one section.  (Sometimes I think a photo has taken, but it hasn't.)
We had 15 members there: June Tilley, Carol Cheney, Jennie Egbert, Terri Smith, Bonnie Hansen, Marilyn Gibbons, Susan Young, Karen Robins, Ilene Mai, Deloras Green, Gladys Harrison, Eileen, Petersen, Linda Petersen, Karma Lambert, and 
Pat Greenman.  We missed those who weren't able to be there.  
We hope Judy Ward will be able to be back with us soon.
Pat served some typical foods of Africa -- spicy hummus with chips, fresh fruit, and chocolate-covered pretzels.
"Now that we know about some of the needs there, what are we going to do about it?"

March 13 - Friday
Friday the 13th
John and Julie had tickets for us at the tables on the main floor to see Jacee's dancing.  We are so sad to miss it.

Walt went to physical therapy in the morning so I could go visiting teaching with LaRae Crane in the afternoon.
The visiting teaching messages this year are on the Attributes of Christ...this month on Patience.  LaRae does such a good job with these lessons.  We visited Cindy Young, Bonnie Rose, and stopped in to see Belva Gowen. LaRae had made delicious shamrock-shaped sugar cookies for our sisters. LaRae will contact Deb later.

March 14 - Saturday
We would have stayed with Jackson and Maddie today while Jacee danced in the final day of the National Ballroom competition.  Their BYU Pre-teen team won first place!

March 15 - Sunday
I have an interview at 10:15 this morning to renew my temple recommend. It was a nice surprise when Brother Crane called me Tuesday evening to remind me that my temple recommend would expire the end of March.    We had great lessons in Relief Society given by Ann Harper about The Savior.
Bonnie Fronk taught us in Sunday School about "Take My Yoke Upon You.

We pray you have had a restful and peaceful Sabbath Day.
We are thankful for the Sabbath Day to learn more about The Savior and His Gospel.

We have a testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ, and of His Atonement for each of us.
He is truly our Redeemer and Savior.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley, I D A H O

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