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Our Christmas Letter 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

(Post for week of December 15-21 is in post before this one.)
(In this Christmas Letter I have put it all in "Large" and "Red," but different paragraphs keep switching to small print in black.  So if a paragraph about you is in small, black print, please know that it all started out in big red print.  Computers! Can't live with them or without them!)

Dear Family and Friends…
We returned home the end of October from our call to serve as the President and Matron of the San Salvador El Salvador Temple.

This has been a special three years for us.
 We are so thankful for President & Sister Majano and President & Sister Alas, the counselors in the temple presidency and assistants to the Matron. We also had much help from our full-time Senior couple temple missionaries and our temple workers.  A big thank you to all the faithful temple patrons.  We have left a part of our hearts with each one of you.  We know the temple work will continue in a great way in El Salvador. Temple = Miracles!

Walt had many health problems during our time there, but with priesthood blessings, superior medical care, and prayers by many, he was able to come through them.  We have shared about the back surgery in Salt Lake City in May 2012 and other illnesses.
 Jen, Jerry and family came to be with us during the temple closure. Walt had a transient ischemic attack during that time.  Testing at Mayo Clinic confirmed that Walt needed a valve replacement.  This  open heart surgery was done by Dr. John Doty in Salt Lake City on March 19.

On April 17, while still in Utah recuperating, Walt celebrated his 80th birthday with family. Dale & Connie brought Phyllis. Because of his rapid recovery, we returned the next day to El Salvador to finish our calling in the temple. 
Many tender mercies and miracles happened.
At 80 and 76 we are "older than dirt."

We were happy about the wedding of a granddaughter Kelsey Petersen to Josh Summers in July, then saddened by the passing of Walt’s sister Phyllis in August.

 In November we were happy about the marriage of granddaughter Katie Fisher to Parker Anderson.

It has been wonderful to have two new grandbabies blessed. Rigdon Jay Peterson born 4Sep2014 was blessed Nov. 29 in Burley. Anna Sue Brewer born 1Oct2014 was blessed Nov. 22 in Saratoga Springs, Utah, when they came from Minnesota for Thanksgiving.
We were blessed to have most of our family 
gather in Burley for Thanksgiving
                                         OUR FAMILY ~ 2014
Janie & Shawn Fisher, Heidi, Sam, Ashley, Michael – Rexburg, Idaho. 
Aimee & Michael Mecham – Married 25Jun2011 
Daniel & Kelly Fisher – Married 27Dec2013 
Katie & Parker Anderson - Married 1Nov2014
             All above in Rexburg
Gary & Kathy Petersen, McKell, Abbey, Jacob, Isaac - Saratoga Springs, Utah.
Steve & Natalie Petersen, Kimble, Carter - Saratoga Springs, Utah.
 Kelsey & Joshua Summers – Married 31Jul2014 Eagle Mountain   
Cortney – West Jordan
David & Julie Petersen, Joshua, Anna, Samuel, William - Draper, Utah.
Julie & John Peterson, Jacee, Jackson, Maddie, Rigdon - Saratoga Springs, Utah, and Mikayla at college in Stockton, California.
Brian & Michelle Petersen, Emma, Taylor, Avery, Elizabeth - McMinnville, Tennessee. (Coming to Idaho the week between Christmas and New Year's to ski at Targhee.)
Jen & Jerry Brewer, Seth, Sarah, Ben, Joshua, Elizabeth, Adam, Anna - Rochester, Minnesota.
We have much joy in our children, their spouses, and our 35 grandchildren!
Families are Forever!
We love Jesus Christ and strive to be among 
the wise who follow Him.
We are thankful for the Restoration of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  
We are thankful for the Prophet and Apostles of today.                       Merry Christmas  

One of our favorite scriptures for the birth of Christ:        
  “…to this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world...” John 18:37 

And we like this scripture about the Savior's birth:
"...for behold, the time is at hand, and on this night shall the sign be given, and on the morrow come I into the world, to show unto the world that I will fulfil all that which I have caused to be spoken by the mouth of my holy prophets." 
--3 Nephi 1:13

Love,   Walt & Eileen                          
2457 Burton Avenue, Burley, Idaho 83318
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    New phone numbers: 
Home 208-670-7235 
Walt cell: 208-670-1765 
Eileen cell: 208-670-7010  
 Happy New Year - 2015!    

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