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January 21-27, 2013   I'm going to put the cutlines below the photos like Dale and Connie do in their blog. I like it better to scroll down that way.
Monday started out with our monthly Gringa Brunch at Delena's home. She is on complete bed rest because of some complications with her pregnancy with twins due July 9.
After a quick grocery shopping run, the Kitley's chose the Rustico Bistro for their last P-day lunch in El Salvador.
These are the best hamburgers we have had here. Just like the ones in the 1950s for a quarter. Yes, that was hamburger and fries for just 25 cents.  These cost $6.99 but are so big each couple split one.
The Kitleys came early for the "Farewell FHE Dinner" at our apartment.  They wanted to get some photos on our terrace in front of the temple.
An El Salvador tipica menu was planned.  The Méndez brought fried bananas (in red bowl) with cream to drizzle over them, and the white brick cheese to go with them.  The Alas's brought the quesadilla's on the right. (They are not like what we call quesadillas with the cheese melted between tortillas.)  They also brought chorizos.
The López brought rice and beans.
The Majanos had Hna. Estrada make 70 pupusas for the dinner...oh, there's a photo of the chorizos on the left. The bowl next to that has the shredded cabbage, carrots and other stuff that go on top of the pupusas, plus the red sauce is in little plastic bags there in front.
Hermanas Majano, Petersen, Méndez, and Wall.
This shows the rice bread on separate plates that Hna. Alas also made.
The Majanos also furnished the Jamiaca to drink.  The Thompsons, Walls, and we helped pay for the catering of the pupusas and the dessert .
Hna. Estrada also made this chocolate cake.
Everyone enjoyed the El Saladoranian tipica choices.
Hna. Kitley shared her feelings about serving here.
Then it was Elder Kitley's turn.
I didn't get a photo of Hna. Gibbons sharing her farewell remarks. She is to the left of Elder Gibbons as he is giving his comments about serving here for 18 months.
President Petersen gave them a collective thank you from all of us. He said that these four Sr. couple temple missionaries have been invaluable in training all the new temple workers since this temple was dedicated on Aug. 21, 2011.  
He then shared something specific about each of the temple missionaries who have finished their 18-month mission.
The Walls extended their 18-month mission by four months and will go home to Salem, Utah, the end of May.
The Thompsons are serving a 23-month mission and go home the end of June.
    We have one new couple who have been called to be here 
April 1.
Here is the group photo: Front, left to right: Dave & Marilyn Gibbons; Arlene & Trent Kitley--the four honorees.
Second row: Counselo y Eduardo Alas, 1C; Gladis y Jaime López, who is the temple recorder and is also our stake president; Walt Petersen.
Third row: Nancy & Lon Thompson, Joanne Hall with her husband behind and to the left of her, PEF missionaries; Diane & Frank Wall.  On the back far left just barely visible, Karla Méndez.
The Majanos and I are in the timed photo that Elder Kitley took on his camera.
Karla and Gabriel Méndez. He had to leave early for a university math class he has on Monday nights. He is the assistant temple recorder and is also a bishop in the Layco Stake.
Tuesday we had the afternoon/evening shift.
Wednesday my wonderful visiting teachers came.

Sheralie Broadbent is holding James with Lucy standing by her.
Traci McKay is holding Simon.
Sister Kitley received a gift from the gal who runs a frame shop. She had painted and framed it for Hna. Kitley.
The Gibbons, whose apartment is right next to ours, are in the middle of packing.
Thursday Waldo and Silvia Reyes had a farewell dinner party at their beautiful home on the mountain for the departing temple missionaries.
Hna. Reyes had Lily come to make pupusas. My camera battery gave out after this photo so I don't have anymore of this party.
Friday morning the Kitleys and Gibbons were ready to leave for the airport at 4:30 a.m.
Even with the third seat taken out of the temple van, their luggage barely fit.
As the headlights turned the corner to leave the temple complex, we tried hard to remember:
"Don't cry when it's over.  
Smile because it happened."
As we had been asked to do by the Gibbons and Kitleys, the rest of us helped save the rest of their things in their apartments to share among ourselves and also have some things for the new temple missionaries coming.
We all got some canned goods, spices, and other goodies that wouldn't fit in their suitcases.  It was like a "second Christmas."
Sunday...This morning Walt and his counselors, and Sergio Oliva (in the tan suit) who is the executive secretary to the Area 70, left at 5:30 for a Regional Correlation Council Meeting.
Walt is ready to drive the temple van the 1 1/2 hours to Santa Ana.

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Connie and Dale said...

Thanks for your last two posts. They were wonderful! I can imagine how you love those four couples who came with you. You two are truly amazing! Thanks for your examples. We love you.
Connie and Dale