Saturday, June 9, 2012

We're back safe and sound...June 7, 2012

We arrived Thursday evening, June 7. Walt made the flight with no pain, as did I (after getting an injection in each knee the day before we left for newly diagnosed arthritis in each knee.)
    We did a 9-hour shift in the temple yesterday afternoon/evening, and are heading for a 9-hour shift this afternoon.
  "I feel more at peace in mind and body than I have for six weeks," Walt said in the temple yesterday.
    When we have a calling, it' hard not to be fulfilling it.
We cannot express our gratitude enough for all that our family did for us during our 6 weeks in the states.
   And we say thank you again for everyone's love, concern and prayers for Walt's speedy recovery.  The prayers have been answered in the affirmative.  

Here we are ready to head to the airport.
A special thanks to Julie and John for putting us up for the 37 post-op days.(above)
Below...Thanks to Steve for driving us to the airport, plus many other times letting us use his car.
We're now ready to finish this 3-year call.
   Have a great weekend everyone.

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The VIPs said...

Glad to hear that Uncle Walt is back in the temple and feeling better!