Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here's the shoe shine box...

I forgot to put the photo in with the description of the shoe shine box...

Another view of the 58-year-old shoe shine kit...

Here's a photo of Walt in the Mercado....which is like an open-air market....but it's in a big building

Here's a photo of us last week in the Mercado

Wednesday, June 20...we've had a day with no shift.
Walt is working on getting the 20-hours of continuing medical education required each year to keep up his medical license.  He's on his 7th or 8th hour.
This is one of the few days he hasn't gone in to the temple for a few hours on the days we have no shift.
Our freezer had gone out in the night, so workers have been working on it most of the day.
Other workers have been working on our air conditioning in the ceiling of the living room.
So it's been a little like Grand Central Station in our apartment.
My Wonderful Visiting Teacher
We did have a bright spot to have my wonderful visiting teacher, Sheralie Broadbent come this morning.
Her partner, Traci McKay, is visiting family in the United States.
She was apologetic about having to bring all four of her children because school is out.
They are such darling kids, it was no problem at all!
Here's a photo of her with them out on our 2nd-floor terrace in front of the temple.
Sheralie, Jeffrey, Laird, Lucy, and James.
We are watched over by the Church and members wherever we live in the world.

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