Friday, June 15, 2012

♪ ♫ Family Reunion Time ♪ ♫

WEPR = Walt & Eileen Petersen (Family) Reunion
Brian & Michelle are in charge of this year's WEPR. Today is the gathering at Lagoon.  They are sending us photos as the day progresses.
Six of our 7 families are able to be together this year.
1. Janie & Shawn and kids 
2. Gary & Kathy and kids 
3. Steve & Natalie and kids 
4. David & Julie and kids 
5. Julie & John and kids
6. Brian & Michelle and kids
..........7. Jen & Jerry are both speaking at the BYU-Idaho Education Week in July, so they will be in Idaho and Utah then with their kids.  They are expecting baby #6 in November and Jen is very sick.
     I think this is the first WEPR they have had to miss.
  F A M I L I E S
   A R E
     F O R E V E R 
P.S. Walt's asked me a couple of times today how I was doing.
I didn't cry until I saw this photo of them all together.

Julie & John's Maddie, age 5, from Saratoga Springs, Utah...from Julie
Cousins in line at Lagoon...from Julie
Cousins planning route for day at Lagoon...Michael and Jackson, from Julie
More WEPR fun....from Janie
Michael, Jackson, Carter consulting map...from Janie
We got wet.........
Ready to ride the rocket...straight up 200 feet.....
The giant corn dogs were actually gigantic...!

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