Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday afternoon in Buenos Aires...

Eileen takes a photo of the guys taking a breather while Reva Lou is putting the hot dishes on the table. Reva Lou is a great cook and we enjoy having Sunday meals together in our building...just four floors apart. Today we had a delicious Roast Beef dinner. We brought Texas Chocolate Cake for dessert.
After the guys did the dishes (great tradition, huh!), we headed back downstairs so they and we could have our Sunday afternoon naps. Now we'll contemplate what we learned in Sacrament Meeting, and Walt continues to answer many phone calls about sick missionaries.
We will continue July with only Sacrament meetings because of the epidemic of Swine Flu. It was also announced last Sunday that there would be no hand shaking nor abrazos until the epidemic is over.
Some of the missions have a lot of regular flu, others not so much.

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Julie said...

Who doesn't enjoy a peacful day of rest?