Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feeding missionaries, plus 3 office moves in 3 office days...

So here we are for who knows how long...
Guess we're having a game of musical offices...

Here is the office manager telling us that these custodians will help us move...first it was going to be in the big open devotional room where all the finance people are temporarily, with desks all out in the open...then 10 mintues later they said "No" they were going to put us in the multi-conference room on the main floor...so back down we and our stuff went...stuff like computers, files, exam table, crutches...etc, etc, etc...

Here's the temporary office on the second floor where Walt worked several hours on Saturday, then we worked Monday, and part of Tuesday...today, when they came and said they needed to move us because they were going to paint and change the carpet in our temporary office. The jack hammers were spewing dust all over everything so we were glad to get out of there.

Since the offices were closed, Walt dropped me off at the apartment where I did all the washing, some cleaning, baked bread and made stew to have ready for him when he returned from taking a Sr. Missionary to a cardiologist because of some heart problems.

Believe it or not, her foot was a lot better.

So after the area office was closed for the July 9 Argentine Independence Day, because of the swine flu epidemic, the government declared that Fri, July 10 would also be a national closure day for businesses. We went in to check the sister missionaries foot who had gotten a bad infection from a rock getting into her shoe, then into her foot. This is what our permanent office looked like.

The remodel is to take out this nicely lit by the outside windows hallway and out the hallway on the other side. Seems ridiculous to me, but they didn't ask my opinin.

I shared most of the photos from the next day, July 9 in the previous blog, but here's a cute little volks wagon-like car that was parked beside us.

Elder Turnbow, left, is from Sandy; Elder Digiovanni is from Texas. They were happy with the left over meatloaf I sent with them (I made two and there were four slices left to send with them; the rolls (the burnt ones I had left in the kitchen they also threw into their 'take home' sack; the homemade frozen strawberry jam, and especially the cinnamon frosted hot out of the oven while they were there. Of course, we spoil these young missionaries who work so hard each day bringing Gospel truths to so many!

"Hna. Petersen, we didn't even realize it was the Fourth of July till it had past...you've made us feel like we didn't miss it completely with the red, white, and blue tonight."

Good thing the Elders were an hour late, because Walt didn't get home till 7:30, and the missionaries could not have stayed if he had not been there.
They about had us moved out on Wed, July 8 by early afternoon, so Walt dropped me off at the apartment to cook dinner for the 2 young Elders from our ward. Walt had to go check a temple missionary, and also someone at the MTC.

This is the office we were in on Wed, July 8.

They were just starting to move us upstairs to a temporary office for 3 weeks to remodel this whole side of the area office.


The VIPs said...

Wow Aunt Eileen- what a blessing you are to the missionaries! I had to smile at the young missionaries throwing anything they could get their hands on of your cooking into a sack to take home, I bet they sure appreciated the home cooking!

OUR FAMILY said...

Boy, what a game of musical offices!!! That little volks wagon is so awesome. I've never seen one like that one.

Your sure are busy cooking all these wonderful meals. I bet the missionaries just love you.

We love you Hermano y Hermana P