Friday, July 10, 2009

Argentina's Independence Day - July 9

Here's another photo put in earlier that "disappeared." This pink bridge is one of the famous things in San Antonio de Areco, 113 km (67.8 miles) from Buenos Aires, where we went July 9. We knew the wind was really chilly for Walt to wear his coat. The hour drive was through beautiful country side.

Most of this is backwards...except the first photo here is the one I put in first and kept losing, so it's at the start of our excursion. The rest are in reverse order of another fun Sr. Missionary adventure. The fiesta/festival that was scheduled to be held in San Antonio de Areco--where we went--for their 9th of July Argentine Independence Day--we learned when we arrived, was cancelled because of the flu epidemic. There were still a lot of tourists there and we had a fun time together.

I heard Walt laugh like he does when he's happy...mostly when he's with family and close friends. Sr. missionary couples become very good friends in a short time. We did love this country side yesterday.

Oh, good, here's a photo with Sally and Deana, as Sally showed us all on the map how the 3 carloads of two couples each were to get there, before we had prayer and headed out. I put this photo in first...then it disappeared. I put it in a second time, it went off into cyberspace somewhere. So maybe the third time is the charm. Sally and Alan finish their 2 years (23-mo) in 18 days as the SAS Area PEF Missionaries. We will miss them, but thankful to have become eternal friends on this mission.

Sally and Deana were in the van and headed out before the rest of us got to our cars and I asked Marilyn, Diane, and Pat to pose with me before we headed back. Sally is from Georgia (last place she lived, anyway), Deana is from Kentucky, but three of the gals pictured with me are from from Cedar Hills and the two on right are from Salem. I'm the only one from Idaho.

One group pose with everyone at the museum, then it was time to head back to our vehicles.
Beulah and Merlin were teaching their special piano lessons which help members learn to play hymns in a few days. Reva Lou has the flu, so Gary stayed home with her.

I've named the sisters--so the Elders are Frank, Richard, Grant, Walt, Alan, and Bill.

I would have rather seen regular gaucho paintings like the one below in the chocolate shoppe than this caricature one. But this museum was just the paintings of a famous Argentine artist, C. Molina Campos, who was even hired by Walt Disney at one time. But then he quit because he didn't think the gaucho was being portrayed well. I don't think HIS caricature art portrays the gaucho very well, either!

Then it was off to the gaucho art museum...some walked..a few tried the oranges from the ornamental orange trees all along the street. They were the "sour" variety...more sour than lemons, I'm told.

Walt and I ordered milenaisa, which was excellent, but wish we'd ordered the grilled steaks.

These steaks are what most of the missionaries ordered and said they were delicious.

"La Lechuza" means "The Owl."

The "asada" meat roasting over the open fire outside with the young gaucho holding his mate gourd.

On the way over to the restaurant for lunch, Walt stopped to read about the founder of the medical society in Argentina (photo lost).

Grant and Marilyn, who help people get jobs through the Church Employment Service found out that this local chocolate shop has been here 31 years and the proprietor has 9 employees now. You can see part of the kitchen where they are making the chocolate treats.

We got warm by the fire place at "The Copper Kettle" until it was our turn to choose what chocolates we wanted.

Grampa Mission thought that tree looked like one his grandkids would like to climb in.

Sorry I can't get the cutlines to stay put...have fun figuring out which description goes with which photo.


Janiece said...

It looks like it was a fun day!
I sure hope the flu quickly leaves Argentina.
If there is anything you would like us to bring to you, just let me know.

Julie said...

It seem so weird to see you in your coats while we are having 90 degree weather here! Your coat looks so wonderful mom! I'm so glad we got it all worked out! Love you!

OUR FAMILY said...

I love that pink bridge! So... is it really cold there?

You look really good. I love your coat.

Oh, the places you go to and the thing you're doing!!! WONDERFUL