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Traces of Time . . . July 31 to August 6, 2017

Traces of Time . . .    
Summer Months...
This week 
July 31, 2017 
August 6, 2017
June July August
Monday - July 31, 2017
For family home evening, we chose to go see the new movie "Dunkirk."  Walt said he was expecting it to be like "The Longest Day" with a plot that showed what actually happened.  However, "Dunkirk" doesn't explain anything...just jumps from three airplane pilots, to two soldiers, to three on a small boat that comes from England to assist in the rescue.
I had to read the movie synopsis when we got home to figure out what was happening.  So we suggest if you haven't seen it, read the movie synopsis before you go so you can follow what's going on.

Goodbye July. . .   Hello August . . .
Tuesday - August 1, 2017

Today was our last Committe Planning Meeting for our 60-Year Reunion for the Wendell High School Class of 1957.
Left to right: Dale Petersen, Chairman.  Members: Eileen Albertson Petersen, Barbara Parker Frith, Roger Dixon, and Beverly Brownlee Mason.  Not able to come today were David Stephenson and Dale Miles.

 Roger's wife, Deanne, helped in updating the final
list of all class members who attended during any of
the twelve years of our schooling in Wendell.

 So far there are 30 coming...which includes 
17 class members, and the others are spouses
or friends who will gather at a dinner
on Friday evening, September 15 at the Turf Club
in Twin Falls, and on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. for
a picnic at the Wendell City Park.
We are looking forward to seeing our classmates.

Wednesday - August 2, 2017
Today we rendezvoused with Dale to do a session at the Twin Falls Temple.  Connie got sick with the flu the evening they returned from a 10-day Church history tour.  We missed her today.

No one came by to take a photo of the three of us together. 
 Dale chose The Sizzler for our early supper.
 There's always lots of delicious choices at the Sizzler.

Thursday - August 3, 2017
Ruth invited us to her home to havedinner 
with the missionaries.
 She chose "cheesy baked potatoes" like they have at Stevo's.
Walt nor I have had them before...hamburger and cheese
make a delicious topping.
 Elder Smith from Texas and Elder Montgomery from
Southern Utah are hard-working missionaries in our 
Burley 3rd Ward and Burley 7th Ward.
 Walt took a photo of Ruth and me with the Elders.
Friday - August 4, 2017
Today marks two years since our friend and neighbor, Don Melling, passed away.
We still miss him.

We had the missionaries come to dinner tonight.
Walt and I prepared a roast beef dinner for them.
For dessert we made this apple pie.
Walt peels all the apples while I make the crust.
We came out even this afternoon.
I now make our apple pies with sugar-substitute.
They turn out great.
 This is the tail end of dinner before we served the pie.
 I didn't give the Elder's time to swallow.
 Last night Elder Montgomery shared a message from 
the Book of Mormon.
 Tonight Elder Smith also shared a message from 
the Book of Mormon.
 Then we went to the viewing of Joan Chandler DeFilippis
at the Rasmussen Funeral Home.
It is a tribute to her that she worked for the 
Minidoka School District for 30 years--1969 to 1999.

 Here's some good photos of her wedding,
and one of her and Earl together.  Also her
three children--Bret, Tony, and Luwana. 
 This is a good photo of their wedding,
plus it shows one of her brothers to her left.
I thought I had rotated it when I loaded it,
but now I can't get it upright again.
 Here's one when she was in the Rosetta Assisted Living Center.
 Here's the one they had on the funeral program.
 Here's Joan's graduation photo from the
Wendell High School Class of 1955.
Walt was the Class of 1952, and I was the Class of 1957.
So Joan was just between us.

For our "Friday Night Movie" when we got home,
we watched
Saturday - August 5, 2017
We went to Joan's funeral at the Rupert 3rd Ward this afternoon.
I forgot to take my camera, so I took a few photos at the Paul Cemetery on Walt's cell phone camera.  I'm still figuring out how to load them into the computer.

Then we drove to Wendell for Cody Bunn and Carli Andur's wedding.  Cody is the son of Matt and Brenda Lou.   Dale rode with us.  Connie is still too sick with the flu to leave the house.

The room was beautifully decorated...
 I walked around before the wedding started,
and got some of the sweet sayings on display ...
 Cody and Carli...
  "It's Always Better When We're Together..."
 More "Getting to Know You" photos...
  Wish I'd gotten all of the chandelier in...
 Now you can see it a little better...
 "You Will Forever Be My Always..."
 "B" for BUNN
Growing Up Years...
 "My mother said to pick the very best one...
and you are it!" (I haven't heard this before.)
 The beautiful wedding cake...
 Here come the ring bearer and flower girl...
 More flower girls who spread the petals...
 Carli's Dad escorts her down the aisle...
 The Bishop says a few words before the ceremony...
 And the newlyweds greet their family and friends
as "Mr. & Mrs. Bunn..."
 At the dinner served following the wedding,
Luke Bunn and his friend, Emily Duke,
sat across from us.
 Also just across from us to the left were
the beautiful Becky Bunn Vipperman and her darling
17-month old Judy.
 I got Brenda Bunn Tagestad (here from the Tri-Cities) talking with
her Aunt Karen Bunn, also with her cousins Justin and Beth Bunn Dascanio, (here from their new [to them] home in Menan), and their two cute daughters, Natalie and Kaitlyn.
 The "old" great-Uncles of the groom,
Walt Petersen (83) and Dale Petersen (77 until Aug 26).
 Here's the talented gal who did all the decorating.
They announced her name when she gave instructions'
after the ceremony of how to move our chairs so the
elegantly set tables could be moved in to place.
I should have written her name down....can't remember it.
 Here's some more of the Bunn family...
Chad and Alison with their two cute readheads...
Brooke and Hailey.

 Here's the Justin and Becky Bunn Vipperman family...
with Audrey, David and Judy.
We are happy to have them back in Idaho...and
in Wendell. Justin has put in a lot of hard work to
get his advanced degree and now doing what he loves
with the College of Southern Idaho.
Becky has been a great support to him along the way!

 And here's the old "Great Uncle Walt
and Great Aunt  Eileen Albertson Petersen"
ready to head back to Burley.
(I had misplaced my glasses just before we came,
so Walt had to drive.
It got really dark right at Twin Falls,
I thought we needed to go right as we neared
the Oasis (182) exit, then we got on what we 
thought was the entrance there, but we were
on an unpaved road between the Interstate and the
frontage road. We came to a "Road Closed" sign
so we turned around (at the time no one else was on
that road with us), but then there were cars coming
toward us.  Luckily, the "one-way" space widened out
right there and we got over to the right as a huge truck
whizzed past us.  Then a car slowed down, rolled down
their window and told us to get turned around to follow them.
Where we had come to the "Road Closed" sign we should have
gone left instead of right, which was the "temporary entrance"
onto the Interstate.  But t wasn't marked as such.
Well, we've lived to tell about it, but it was pretty scary.
It was two-way traffice thru all that road construction most
of the way to Burley.
We were so thankful to get home safely.
That reconfirmed why we try not to drive at night anymore!
We acknowledge Heavenly Father's Hand in protecting us
in the dangerous situation we got ourselves in to.
P.S. After our prayer of thankfulness to the Lord,
Walt prayed that we would be able to find my glasses.
(I had looked for 25 minutes before we left, which
almost made us late to rendezvous with Dale at the
Flying J at Exit 173 for him to go on to Wendell with us.)
Walt got down on his hands and knees, and after about 15 minutes
found the glasses behind the leg of the bed at the 
bottom end of the bed underneath.  
I will never know how they got there! 
But I was mighty glad to "see" clearly again.
We said another prayer of thankfulness for finding
the glasses. 

Sunday - August 6, 2017
We hope you have had a peaceful and restful Sabbath Day.
We are thankful for a Heavenly Father who hears and answers prayers.

We are thankful for the Atonement of the Savior that gives us the hope of being resurrected and being forgiven of the things we do wrong when we sincerely repent.

We are thankful for the Restoration of the Gospel and for the Prophet of this restoration, Joseph Smith.

We are thankful for our living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

We are thankful for the Bible which testifies of Jesus Christ.

We are thankful for the Book of Mormon which is Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

We are thankful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Temples where we can receive our endowments and be sealed as a couple for time and all eternity so our children can be born under the covenant and we can be together forever when we do our part.

We are thankful for being together in our elderly years to help each other.

Of these truths we testify of and are thankful for.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Walter Ray Petersen and Eileen Albertson Petersen
August 6, 2017 -  Burley, Idaho

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