Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Traces of Time . . July 10-July 16, 2017the Temple Preparation Class.

Traces of Time . . . 
Beginning of Happy Summer Months...
This week 
July 10, 2017
July 16, 2017

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Monday - July 10, 2017
Today I talked with my sister, Janice. Jeff's torn rotator cuff surgery is taking a long time to heal.  He is doing physical therapy to help him get his range of motion back in that shoulder.  They are happy that the surgery was successful.

We went to see Ruth Melling about her great-grandson, Lennox.  He is Kaye's grandson, the son of Carly.  Gary Allen, Carly's husband is posting on their blog about the results of the surgery that removed a large tumor from his brain the first part of July.

lbj-lennox.blogspot.com   is the blog address.

I didn't take any photos today.
Tuesday - July 11, 2017
This is the only photo I took today.

Wednesday - July 12, 2017

This morning

Thursday - July 13, 2017

This morning

Friday - July 14, 2017
This morning

Saturday - July 15, 2017

Sunday - July 16, 2017
Sister Bonnie Jones, center, with her two daughters--Kylie Jones Pierce, left, and Kristi Jones, right.  President and Sister Jones visited our ward today for the Gorton's mission report.

 President Jones talked with friends at Burley 3rd Ward.
 Last week, Brother Eric Pierce called us in to tell us that on the ward records our names showed up as "members without a calling."
So he officially called us a temple preparation teachers, 
even thought we've been 
teaching the "Temple Preparation Class" for two years.
After our block today, Eric Pierce, 1st Counselor, and 
Dan Murri, 2nd Counselor, set me apart as a teacher
for the Temple Preparation Class.
Then they set Walt apart as a teacher for
the Temple Preparation Class.
 Then, now that we have become officially set apart,
the couple we teach on Sunday afternoons were 
not able to come today.
We will be teaching another couple on Thursday evening
their Lesson 1...so we are looking forward to that.

We pray you have had a restful and peaceful Sabbath Day.
As this Sabbath Day comes to a close,
we share our testimony of these truths...
Heavenly Father knows each one of us personally--by name--
and loves each one of us.
Jesus Christ is the First-born Spirit Child of our
Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother and came
to the earth in the Meridian of Time as the
Only Begotten Son of our Heavenly Father and
lived a perfect life.  He then gave His Life for us
so that we could repent of our sins,
be forgiven,
and work out our salvation by
following the Savior.
Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ,
we can look forward to be resurrected.
And because of the Restoration of the Holy Priesthood
and Priesthood Ordinances, we can receive our
Endowment in the Temple of God and 
be sealed as a couple for time and eternity,
and having our children born in the Covenant,
so that we can be a family together forever in
the eternities when we keep that covenant.
Those who are sealed after their children are born
can have their children sealed to them in the temple.
These truths we believe were brought back to the
earth when Joseph Smith was sent to the Earth to
become the Restorer of all Truths.
This great event was ushered in when Joseph Smith
went to a quiet grove of trees in Palmyra, New York
in the Spring of 1820.
We also testify that the Bible is the word of God
as far as it is translated correctly.
The Bible is the Testament of Jesus Christ.
The Book of Mormon is also Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
Thomas S. Monson is the Living Prophet of God 
on the Earth today.
Of these truths we testify on this Sabbath Day of July 16, 2017.

Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley, I D A H O

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