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Monday - January 23, 2017

This morning we drove to Twin Falls for Walt's appointment with Dr. Kurtis Reed to have Mohs Surgery to remove a squamous cell carcinoma on his right jaw line that was diagnosed in December.

He asked Dr. Reed about another spot below his right ear...and it also was a squamous cell carcinoma, so the Mohs surgeon cut that one out also.  Plus Dr. Reed said one on Walt's left arm just below the elbow was a basil cell carcinoma, so that, too, was cut out.

Each one was nicely bandaged, along with the nurse explaining to me that I would need to put fresh bandages on each day, and then next Monday I could take out the stitches.

I told her that I would put on new dressings each day that she showed me step-by-step how to do, but that I would not be able to take out the stitches.  She said if we wanted to drive back to Twin they would be glad to take them out.  Walt told her that we had a neighbor who could do it.

I could never be a nurse and have someone's life depend on what I did.  And in sixth grade I told  my friends I would never be a school teacher because of the names I heard some of the kids call our teachers.  

So I went to Business College, with my major "Executive Secretary," which I have mostly enjoyed using those skills at home. 

Also, after I worked a year in the Executive Offices of the headquarters of the First Security Bank at First South and Main in Salt Lake City, I went to Brigham Young University for two years, also majoring in business, but also taking a lot of homemaking classes that last semester after I was engaged to the second year medical student.

And during our first three years of marriage I worked full time--two years at the Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, as secretary to the physician who was head of the Hematology Department.

In Minneapolis, the year Walt did his internship, I was the secretary for two specialist physicians who were Internists, right in downtown Minneapolis.  Our first child was born on the day Walt began his internship at the Minneapolis General Hospital.  

Since Walt earned 17 cents an hour during that internship year, I needed to work.  We were so blessed to have a wonderful wife of another L.D.S. intern, Margo Ward, take care of Janie for the first nine months.

In the middle of that internship year, in January 1964, the hospital was changed to Hennepin County Hospital and they raised the salary for interns enough--I think to $250 a month--so that Walt told me he wanted me to be able to quit my job to stay home with our baby.  So in March of 1964 I became a full-time mother.  What a blessing!

The next two years, Walt fulfilled his military duty through the Public Health Department as a physician and surgeon at the Talihina, Oklahoma Indian Hospital.  Our second child, Gary, was born in Arkansas, then after we moved to Burley, Idaho in 1966, just after we had been married five years, we had five children born in Burley, Idaho--Steve, David, Julie, Brian, and Jennifer.  

We feel so blessed to have been able to have these seven children and love them all dearly.  As the Mom in "Family Circus" answered when asked how she divides her love among all her children: "The love is not divided, it is multiplied."

And the same is true for our 35 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren...the love keeps multiplying.

Tuesday - January 24, 2017

Today we drove to Dr. Michael Taylor's opthamology office here in Burley for Walt's appointment.  I had mentioned maybe we should call to make sure he was able to get through the snow from Twin Falls.

As we walked in, his receptionist said: "Oh, I'm so sorry I was not able to get a hold of you because we didn't have your new phone number on file.  Dr. Taylor lives in Kimberly, and he was not able to get our of his lane at his home."

So she rescheduled Walt for the first week in February.

Just before we had left, LaRae Crane had called to tell us that all classes at CSI (as all the schools in the area) are cancelled today.

This afternoon LaRae Crane and I were scheduled to go visiting teaching. LaRae said Ken Weeks had come that morning to shovel their driveway and his pickup got stuck on their road.  Some men came and helped him get out.

So LaRae told me to not try to drive to her home to pick her up.  I had the bread baking in the oven to take to each sister, so I did go.

I looked for a handout for this month's message on "The Purpose of Relief Society."  I found this one on the pinkpolkadots.com site.
My printer is at Valley Greener Computer getting fixed, so I just wrote this quote out by hand, and e-mailed this "fancy-dancy" one to each of our sisters: Cindy Young, Karen Taylor, and Debbie Harrell.

I was able to drive to each place without getting stuck.  They told me later they enjoyed the freshly baked home-made bread.  I thought it would be some comfort food during this long, snowy winter.

Wednesday - January 25, 2017
We drove to Twin Falls and the Interstate was quite clear. We talked about whether to take the 182 Exit, going across the Hansen Bridge and on in on Addison, or just staying on the freeway and taking the Perrine Bridge and back west a touch to the Temple.

We agreed to take the Hansen Bridge.  I was driving and the minute we turned on to Addison we knew it was the wrong decision because the road was covered with snow with high drifts along each side.  

I drove about 35 mph.  Walt would say...."There's a car off," as I just kept looking straight ahead driving slowly.  Four times he said: "There's another car off," but I just kept driving.

We finally pulled  in to the temple parking lot at 10:59 a.m.,
so missed the 11:00 a.m. session.  We did initiatories...which is always good to hear again all the blessings in those sacred ordinances.  

We rendezvoused with Dale in the Celestial Room, then he chose McAlester's to go to for lunch.  Walt and I chose nice hot soup--I got loaded potato in a bread bowl and Walt got brocolli with whole wheat bread on the side.  Dale got French Dip, with potato salad. (I get the feeling Dale loves potato salad because he orders it often.)

Connie is in Salmon taking care of Jenny's kids.  Jenny had an emergency appendectomy last Friday, and had some complications, so is recuperating in the Pocatello Hospital.

We ran an errand in Twin before driving home.  It was such a pleasant surprise to have the total Interstate clear and dry all the way across in both lanes.  I even got up to the 80 mph speed limit some of the time.

We just relaxed the rest of the evening when we got home about four o'clock.  I think we watched Jeopardy and the evening news. 

Thursday - January 26, 2017

Today we went to the "Over 60 and Fit" free walking class at CSI. We walk from 11:00 to 11:45.  Some of the gals go over to an Institute class at noon taught by Nancy Blauer, so we went over today.  It is "Doctrines of the Gospel" starting this Spring Semester with Chapter 23 "The Restoration of the Gospel in the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times."

A DISPENSATION of the gospel is a period of time in which the Lord has at least one authorized servant on the earth who bears the holy priesthood and the keys, and who has a divine commission to dispense the gospel to the inhabitants of the earth.  

When this occurs, the gospel is revealed anew, so that people of that dispensation do not have to depend basically on past dispensations for knowledge of the plan of salvation.  

There have been many dispensations since the beginning and each of the dispensations has been unique in some way.  Each dispensation had knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.

Keys of the Kingdom = power, right, authority to preside over the kingdom of God on earth (the Church) and direct its affairs.

Sister Blauer is a great teacher and we learned several new things...one being that the angel in Revelations 14:6 "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,..." is a composite angel of all the resurrected beings who helped in the Great Restoration...including Jesus Christ, Moroni, Michael (Adam) Enoch, Gabriel (Noah), Abraham, Moses, Elias, Elijah, Melchizedek, John the Baptist, Peter, James, John...

Also that the Meridian of Time is the "High Point of the History of this Earth."

Sister Blauer had an interesting visual of L__
                                                                    _ O__  __E
printed on the board that was connected and then
she wrote in "Pre-Earth" at the top of the L, "Creation" along the vertical part of the L, then in the middle of the O she wrote "Earth," and the first inside part of the V was "Death," the vertical part of the V going up was "Resurrection," and the line over to the E she wrote "Judgement."   On each horizontal line of the E she wrote on the top "Celestial," on the second "Terrestrial," and on the bottom was "Telestial."  By "Celestial" she drew a sun, by "Terrestrial" she drew a crescent moon, and by "Telestial" she drew a star.

I wish I knew how to do this on the computer because it is a great visual aid for The Plan of Salvation.  Of course, the word "LOVE" is symbolic of the Love of the Savior and His Great Atonement for each one of us.

Friday - January 27, 2017

This morning Kathleen Hedberg came to help us with family history for two hours.  She is still working on Walt's line of his grandmother from Sweden--Nellie Katie Olson.  She goes into the records on line that are actually written in Swedish and is very careful about finding the right ancestors and searching out each entire family on Nellie Katie's line.

When I was in familysearch.org, a photo popped up of Jane Dunmire on my Dad's line, but I couldn't get it to copy.  I also verified some information on my Grandfather Clarence Albertson's sister Salome Albertson Justice and her husband.  I was sad to see that they were never able to have children.

The obituary of my Dad's brother, Warren Albertson, was also online and I was able to copy it.  I typed it and added it to some inforamation that his wife, Vida, had told me during a telephone conversation in ______ and copied it into the "Memories" section of Family Search, but before I could hit "Save" my computer went weird and knocked me out of familysearch, so I've got to do it all over again.

At least I had typed it into my Word program, so it is still saved there.

Computers!  Can't live with them or without them!  

The rest of the day Walt and I spent preparing dinner for the missionaries--Elder Towers and Elder _______ (I didn't write it down and can't remember right now.)

We had stew and scones, plus homemade apple pie for dessert.
I brown the meat and then let it simmer for a couple of hours before adding the vegetables.  

Then I mixed the dough and put the pie in to bake during this time. This pie made from the apples from our trees in the fall that we had peeled and added the sugar and spices to before freezing turned out much better than the one I made from our frozen apple filling last week.

Walt is always so good to peel and cut all the potatoes, carrots, onions, celery and cabbage for the stew.  I had a pint of beef stock to add, plus I had finally found a little tin of bay leaves at Smith's so I could add a bay leaf.

We had invited Ruth Melling and Kathleen Hedberg to join us.
We enjoyed our hour with these four.  The Elders are working hard in this area.

As I was deep frying the scones, I had two loaves of bread to put in to bake while we were eating, which I was planning to send a loaf home with them, along with a jar of stew.  Somehow I hit the wrong button on the oven, and it turned off.  So when the 30 minutes was up the loaves were still "white."  I turned the oven back on, and they kinda got baked finally.

Saturday - January 26, 2017

We went to the Open House for the Smithsonian Water/Ways Exhibit at the City Hall. Gary Eller was singing old Idaho river songs that he has found in city records and archives throughout the state.  It was delightful!

And the refreshments were delicious -- meatballs in a sweet-sour sauce, veggies, and the macaroon cookies were out of this world.  

Julie Woodford and her Burley library staff always do a great job with any event they are over.

From there we went over to the library to view the exhibit which will be at our library from January 28 to March 11.  Don't miss it. Just a few cities in Idaho get to have it and Burley is one of the few!!

Also the Water in Idaho and the West Conference is February 16, 2017 from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at the Superior Conference Center at 1051 Oakley Avenue in Burley. (This is a new conference center that Walt and I had never heard of.)

On Thursday, February 9 at 1:30 p.m. at the Burley Library is the Oakley Dam Book Discussion with Kathleen Hedberg discussing the book she wrote about the 1984 situation when we were almost flooded in Oakley and Burley and the miracles that saved us.  The book A Flood Canot Happen Here received the "best non-fiction book" in Idaho written that year.

Also on Tuesday, February 21, the Historical Oakley Dam Flood, will be presented by Rex Gerratt, with historical footage by Keith Ramsey  at 7:00 p.m. at the King Fine Arts Little Theatre and 1 Bobcat Blvd. in Burley.

Lots going on in Burley.  Some describe Burley as "the center of the universe."

Sunday - January 27, 2017

Our testimonies were strengthened today during our 3-hour block at Burley 3rd Ward.  Taking the sacrament--the highlight of each week--plus great talks by Ellie Garrard, Karen Taylor, and Randy Parish.  Sunday School Gospel Doctrine lesson by Sherry Ormond, and Relief Society Lesson by Bonnie Fronk.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true, restored from God and Jesus Christ by the Prophet Joseph Smith.  President Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet of God on the earth today. The Book of Mormon is Another Testament of Jesus Christ, as the Bible is the Testament of Jesus Christ.

We are blessed to live on the earth at this time.

We are thankful for each and every blessing.

Of this we testify at the end of this winter Sabbath Day .

And when I find my camera or figure out how to download photos from Walt's cell phone, we will have pictures again on our blog.

Walt and Eileen Petersen - Burley, Idaho, U.S.A.

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