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Traces of Time . . . August 29-September 4, 2016

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ August 29, 2016 
September 4, 2016
in IDAHO ~

And now it's on to  A U T U M N...

Monday - August 29, 2016

 We went to the funeral of Rodney Murphy.  The 8th funeral in 4 days.  We pray that Rawnie and her family will be comforted at this time of their sorrow.
When we got home from the funeral, this photo of us on the porch shows that our geraniums are starting to fade so it must be the end of summer.
Oh, I guess the flowers don't show in this one.
Maybe the flowers show up in this one.
Well, you can kinda see the flowers in the lower part of the photo and then barely see a corner of the geraniums in the hanging flower pot.

Tuesday - August 30, 2016

Debbie Povlsen came by to invite us to the "Old Timer's Luncheon" Saturday, September 24.  The lecture by Gary Schorzman is "Old time medicine in Minidoka County."
A fellow came to look at the house to give us an estimate on the repairs needed and the painting of the siding.
It's been in need of painting since we got back from El Salvador--which will be two years on November 1.
We ran some errands this afternoon, then voted on the school levy for the next two years....which we were happy that it passed.  Seems like it is $777,000 something each year for the next two years.

We got a box of peaches and a box of pears at Farmer's Corner.  They sold out of the Elberta peaches two weeks ago and now only have Hale peaches.  Gone are the days when there were bushels and bushels of fruit in front of the grocery stores at $1.98 for a bushel of peaches and about $3.00 for pears.   Then I think it did jump up to $2.98 for peaches and $3.50 to $4.00 for a bushel of pears.
Now it's $19.00 for a box of peaches or pears and that is 24 lbs or 1/2 bushel.  But Gary said according to the average salary, they are less expensive now than back then. 

We canned the pears tonight but the peaches need a couple more days to be ripe enough.
Walt slips the skins.
Then I cut the pears in half and core them before putting them into the quart jars which have 1 1/2 cups water and 2/3 cup sugar.
After a while Walt got me the tall chair to sit on because my back starts to hurt.  I think is back starts to hurt, also, but he just keeps standing.
It's so satisfying to see the "fruits of your labor" right before your very eyes.
When Walt was working so many long, hard hours in his medical practice, I'd try to get as much canning done as I could in the daytime.  And when the kids got home from school they would help.
Then on Saturdays or in the evenings, Walt was always so good to help, and now he helps me completely with the canning.  I couldn't do it without him.

Wednesday - August 31, 2016

We rendezvoused with Dale at the Temple.  Connie was not feeling well enough to go to the temple during the afternoon.
Then Dale took a photo of Walt and me.
We went to the Pizza Pie Cafe for supper.
By early evening Connie was feeling enough better to come for supper.  We're glad she's on the mend.
And that ends our comings and goings in August for 2016.

Thursday - September 1, 2016

We canned peaches this early evening.  We got just 9 quarts canned and 22 jars frozen.  Fresh, frozen peaches are almost like eating them fresh through the winter.  So much better to freeze them ourselves than to buy frozen ones in the store.  And, of course, so much less expensive--even at $19 a box (which is a half-bushel).
I need to take a photo of the canned peaches when we get back to Idaho.....didn't get a photo yet.

Friday - September 2, 2016

We drove to Orem for the wedding reception of my sister's g-daughter - Vickie and Carl Hacking's daughter, Jasmine who was married this morning in the Qquirrh Temple.
The new Mr. and Mrs. Johathan Lindsay looked very happy.
Can someone please send us a photo of them up on the stage by their back drop of "WE DECIDED ON FOREVER."
Walt and I both said to Carl and Vickie: "These are the pay days for parents."
Here's Scott and Melissa Robertson who came from Austin, Texas.  Their son Matt is in his second year at BYU, recently home from his Spanish speaking mission to _________.  And their son, Tyler, is in the Dominican Republic, serving a mission.  Their two daughters must have had to stay in Austin, Texas with a family there.  Janice's oldest son and family have lived in Austin for 16 years now.
Here's our son, Gary, and daughter, Julie, with my sister Janice.
David and Julie drove from Draper in a gridlock traffic jam of everyone getting out of town on this Labor Day Friday.  They enjoyed talking with Scott, whom they hadn't seen for a long time.
I think we can see David in this photo.  Well, some of him.
Here are some more of the wonderful mural size photos of the bride and groom.
   Here's the beautiful bride - Jasmine Hacking Lindsay.
Here's the handsome groom, Johathan Lindsay.
The fun "guest book" was to write an idea for a date for the newlyweds on one of the colorful tongue depressors, then sign your name to the back.   
You can see more of the colorful tongue depressors in this photo.
Looks like they got lots of great gifts and cards.
This is a sweet photo of the bride and groom jumping in the air for joy as they come out of the temple.
(I didn't get it turned the right direction.)
Yummy waffles were served with strawberries 'n cream, or maple, blackberry, blueberry, or strawberry syrups.
Here they are ready to cut the wedding cake.
And for an exciting finale...the guests were given super long sparklers to light the way for the newlyweds exit.  There were so many cute and clever ideas at their reception.
And from there they rode off into the sunset.
We wish them an eternity of happiness together as husband and wife.

Saturday - September 3, 2016
We canned peaches today at Julie and John's home. Gary came to help and learn the process.
More of the canning....
Then we went swimming at their residential hot springs pool.
Rigdon was so cute in the pool.
John had delicious pork ribs ready for supper before the game started at 8:30.

Then we watched the BYU vs Arizona football game.
2016 Football Season Opener


 Gary, Steve, Nat, and Kimble came to watch it with us at Julie and John's.  Steve and Gary served the brownies Julie had baked along with ice cream and toppings that Steve and Nat brought. Gary had brought lots of fruit.
This game almost gave me a heart attack in the final 1 minute 26 seconds!  We were ahead the whole game until then.
"We just lost it!" we all thought when Arizona scored a TD and went up by one point 16-15.   
BYU moved the ball down to the 25 yard line (I think) and called time out with 8 seconds left.

Then we would have lost for sure if BYU had not had that time out left because of some new rule called the "run off."
Then a Cougar freshman was asked to do his first kick ever on a college football team...which he made to give BYU it's opener win.
John commented: "Well, the new kicker grew up in Texas, so he's probably been kicking a football since he was 2 years old!"
Sunday - September 4, 2016

We all love Rigdon and can't believe John and Julie's baby is now two years old.  He did get the candle blown out okay on his breakfast birthday donuts.
This darling little boy is so loved by his Mom and Dad and his sisters Jacee and Maddie, and brother Jackson.  He was so excited opening his birthday presents.

Rigdon's birthday dinner "2" today sitting by his Dad.

We enjoyed going to Church with Steve, Natalie, and Kimble in the Harvest Hills 10th Ward, Mount Saratoga Stake. (Carter was invited to spend the Labor Day weekend with his friend and family at Lake Powell--where they would have had Church today.)
I didn't get a photo.
But here's one from tonight when they came over to be with us at Julie and John's.
After Church we went to see how Ruth Melling is doing after her total hip replacement on August 30.  I didn't get a photo of her today, but here she is with John and Mariel on Aug. 14.

She is at Kirt and Lezlie's home in Lehi recuperating.  She's doing well.  They are taking good care of her.
As we were leaving, Kirt took a photo of us.
Gary came over for Rigdon's Sunday birthday dinner this early evening.
Gary said: "Mom needs a camera crew like they have for the BYU football games--including a drone camera for the overhead shots to get everyone in at once."
It was a delicious ham, funeral potatoes, green beans, with lemonade dinner.
Topped off with Rigdon's chocolate birthday cake and ice cream.
What a fun day with our families.  Julie and John asks their kids what was a good thing that happened at Church today.  Then something that may not have been so good.
At the close of this Sabbath Day we share our testimony along with the 19 that were shared at the Fast and Testimony Sacrament Meeting this morning in Steve and Natalie's ward.

We pray you have had a restful and a peaceful Sabbath Day.

We testify that Heavenly Father did send His Firstborn Spirit Son to come to earth as His Mortal Son foreordained to become Our Savior and Redeemer.  And Jesus Christ fulfilled His Foreordination.
   " this end was I born..." John  18:37
         And now we await His Second Coming in Glory...
Of this we testify.  In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Walt and Eileen Petersen

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