Friday, March 18, 2016

Traces of Time . . . March 18, 2016 Comments on book The Wednesday Wars - Sibling Book for March

Please, just skip down through this to the March 14-20 post.
This is for a family sibling book club we have.  We've read 13 books since we got home in Nov. 2014--well, listened to them on audio as we drive.

The March Book:
The Wednesday Wars
       by Gary D. Schmidt published May 21, 2007

Mom’s* comments – March 18, 2016
*Eileen Marie Albertson Petersen

David, thanks for writing the words.  I do miss seeing it in print, but also love listening to the audio while we drive.  It makes our 3 1/2-4 down and then back from Utah go by so fast.

I was so sad at how much of a jerk Mickey Mantle was in not signing a baseball for Holling Hoodhood.
(The author must have known he was really that way in true life
or he could have been sued for slander or something couldn't he?)

But then so redeeming what Mrs. Baker did for those two boys
and Doug Sidewinder (can't ever remember his last name) Sideswipe
or something like that.

Holling's dad was quite the jerk, too.  Sorry for the mother.
She somewhat redeemed herself when she gave Holling the
money for their lunch and tickets home.

Yes, so well flows....and relives our feelings from 7th grade....of which at 77 I can still remember the trauma of that year, going from our proteced grade school of grades 1-6, to the basement of the high school for Jr. High of 7th and 8th grades.

Wish I had a photo of our Wendell Grade School the way it was with the tall Cottonwood trees in back.  We need to make sure you all have a photo of Southwest Grade School before it gets torn down.

Love, Mom    

P.S. Dad liked The Wednesday Wars, too. He thought it was interesting and enjoyed listening to it. It did remind him his feelings in Jr. High.  "Some, not a lot," is how he put it.

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