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Traces of Time - December 7 to December 13, 2015

Traces of Time . . .
This week 
~ December 7, 2015 
December 13, 2015  
in IDAHO ~

December 7, 2015 - Monday ~ ~ 

Pearl Harbor Day - 

We watched "Task Force"

A 1949 movie about how hard it was to convince the head honchos that aircraft carriers were important.
Plot: As a 1917 graduate of the Naval Academy, Naval Aviator Jonathan L. "Scotty" Scott (Gary Cooper) spends 28 years, from 1921 to 1949, promoting U.S. Naval Aviationand the power of the aircraft carrier. During that period, he antagonizes powerful people in the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Congress, and marries Mary Morgan (Jane Wyatt), the widow of a fellow flier who died in a crash during a carrier takeoff aboard the USS Langley. Throughout, Scott has the help and friendship of his mentor and superior officer, Pete Richard (Walter Brennan).
The Scotts spend two years in Hawaii and then move to Annapolis, where Scott, now a Lieutenant Commander, is to teach naval aviation but his outspoken stand in favor of aircraft carriers in combat causes him to lose a promotion. After Japan invades Manchuria, Scott is offered a civilian sales position selling aircraft in Europe, but remains in the Navy.
After Pearl Harbor is attacked by the Japanese, Scott's ship, the USS Enterprise, is heavily involved in action at the Battle of Midway. Scott later travels to Washington to plead for more carriers and eventually a carrier fleet is produced. During the Battle of Okinawa, the fleet, with Scott as the Captain of the carrier USS Franklin, proves its worth. When his carrier flight deck is badly damaged by Japanese torpedo aircraft, the ship is forced to withdraw to the U.S. for repairs and the war ends when they arrive in at the Navy Yard in New York. Four years after the end of the war, Scott, as a rear admiral, retires and joins Mary, who is waiting for him on the dock.

We also watched "They Were Expendable" about PT boats--starring John Wayne. Walt told me the "PT" stands for "Patrol Torpedos."

And we watched one more ...

I took my one photo of the day...

December 8, 2015 - Tuesday

Remembrance of my Dad's 103rd Birthday -

A R N O L D  G E O R G E  


December 8, 1912 to February 6, 1982

Happy "103" Birthday Remembrance for my father, 
Arnold G. Albertson, 
December 8, 1912 to February 6, 1982. 
We love you and will remember you always, Daddy. 
You've been in heaven for almost 34 years now.

Photos...Arnold age 21 in Hagerman; 
When we lived in California during World War II.  The Army wouldn't allow men with flat feet so my Dad worked for the Long Beach Shipyards where he built ships for the Navy.  
  (They didn't know then that all that exposure to asbestos would be so dangerous.  My Mom thinks that exposure caused his colon cancer that he died from at age 69.)
 (Below is one of the first photos I scanned.  I didn't understand how to crop the unwanted margin.  Now I can't find the original.)
Arnold was age 31, Verna age 23, and Eileen age 5.

1957 by home he built in Wendell, in early 50s. Moved to Gooding Dec 1957. Arnold age 44, Verna age 37, Eileen age 18, Janice, age 8.
I was visiting from Salt Lake City, Utah, where I was going to Stevens Henager's Business College.  I lived at the YWCA on 3rd South and about 3rd East.  There were about 6 of us who lived there and walked the two and one-half blocks to the college each morning.,
February 1958 my roommate and I came home over a long weekend. This is the small 2-br home on Utah Street my parents rented in Gooding until they moved to the home on 917 Wyoming Street that they bought in 1961. 

In June 1962 Walt and I drove to Gooding from St. Louis, Missouri (36 hour drive) for a 2-week vacation.
25th Wedding Anniversary September 29, 1962 
Here's Daddy by his honey shed behind their home at 917 Wyoming Street in the summer of 1971...age 58.
Here's one of Daddy in September 1974 when he and Mom came over for Jennifer's baby blessing.
(still looking to see where I saved it after scanning)

Then I added some photos of Dad andMom's posterity, my sister, Janice, and I, and our kids/grandkids.

Arnold and Verna have 2 children, 11 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren, with one due in March 2016. Their first great-great-grandchild is due Feb. 4, 2016.

I hope to get my Mom's life story finished soon, have 450 pages, and am putting in photos now. 

Hope to expand Dad's life sketch to a life story. Their life sketches are on familysearch.org

wWalt had a check up with his local cardiologist, Dr. Reed Harris, who comes from Twin Falls to Burley each Monday.  He is also Dale and Connie's Stake President in of their South Twin Falls Stake.  Walt says he is an excellent cardiologist.

We also paid our utilities bill--which jumps a lot in cost during Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb for our electric heating.
We ran some other errands.

December 9, 2015 - Wednesday

It was our Burley 3rd Ward's monthly assignment for the High Priests to do sealings, so we went in time to do that from 11:00-12:00. Today our sealer was Gary Cox, a good friend from Wendell High School days.

Then we did the 1:00 session with Dale and Connie and had a light salad bar lunch at Sizzler after.

We got back just in time to get some gifts wrapped and the food ready to take to our Bethlehem Ward Christmas Dinner Party.  We were so happy that Tom and Irene Blayney came with us.  They have been our dear friends and neighbors since we moved to this home in May 1971.

We rendezvoused there with Dick and Jan Huzinga who came with Ruth Melling.  The cultural hall had many wall murals of scenes painted to depict Bethlehem.
The typical food from the days of the Savior's time in the Holy Land was very good: Pita with hummus, chicken, rice, lots of fruits, including dates, figs, tangerines.  For desserts they had delicious Baclava.
The line was so long, I brought a plate of that delicious Baclave to our table and we had dessert first.
Here we are with Ruth, Tom and Irene Blayney, and Dick and Jan Huizinga.

The primary children sang a couple of Christmas songs, and Lori and Cameron Baker did a "live nativity" with their precious baby boy.
Here shows some of the guests...after some had left.
Here are Dan Black, Bud McClaws, Sherry and Steve Ormond, and Randy Parrish.
There were beautiful nativities on the tables.
We appreciate all who shared these precious items to bring the spirit of Bethlehem to us.

Large or small, each nativity reminds us of the miraculous birth of the Son of God.  We look to Him always as the source of Light and Truth.

Here's a nativity that grandchildren could arrange around baby Jesus.
Some tables had ancient-looking pitchers or dishes.
It was all very authentic looking.
I didn't get a photo of Lori when she was in her Bethlehem clothes on stage by the manger with her baby, but here she is with that bundle of joy.

Bishop Steve Gerratt gave a touching message about the Savior and why we revere and adore Him.  The Primary Presidency worked very hard on this, as did their teachers. Alice Hansen always goes the extra mile in making our ward events extra special.
Here's a few more photos of this ward event.
Ken Fronk came over and talked with those at our table.
The Fronk Family - Ken, Bonnie, and Christopher. 
And there are always those faithful to the end who help clean up...
Emily Hill from the Relief Society Presidency.
And more of the helpers in the kitchen...
It was a great evening to bring in the Spirit of Christmas.

December 10, 2015 - Thursday

We drove back to Twin Falls this morning for Walt's 6-month check with his Dermatologist, Dr. Kurtis Reed.  Dr. Reed checked all of Walt's pre-cancer areas and the big area that Dr. Jerry Brewer, head of Dermatology Surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, had taken out September 4, 2014, that needed to be taken care of before we finished our time November 2014.

Dr. Reed said, "It looks really good."
This photo is back on September 4, 2014 just after Dr. Brewer had finished the surgery.

Walt replied: "Yes, I think he knows what he's doing."
Dr. Reed: "That's good, because he taught me everything I know."
   Dr. Reed did a residency with Dr. Brewer at Mayo Clinic.
(Jerry is our youngest daughter's husband--a great phyisician, a great person, a great husband to Jen and a great Dad to their seven children.)

Walt had a few pre-cancerous spots on is scalp removed, and
a spot on his nose.  

Before we went back home, we got a few things at Costco. Walt couldn't figure out why it was so busy on a Thursday morning and why the lines were so long.

It's just 15 days till Christmas, I reminded him.

December 11, 2015 - Friday

Kathleen couldn't come this morning because she had a bad cold.
We got caught up on several items.

We drove to Twin Falls for the "Come to Bethlehem" Christmas Nativity and Choir/Orchestra presentation that his brother, Dale, is singing in for the South Twin Falls Stake.

It was outstanding! Really brings the spirit of the Savior to this Christmas season.

There were about 400 nativities on display from all over the world that were beautifully displayed.  I have no photos because I couldn't find my camera before we left

December 12, 2015 - Saturday
Walt made my day when he found my camera under a bag of Christmas lights in the living room.

Shout out to our 3rd child, second son: Steven Ray Petersen.
Happy49th Birthday, Steve.
This is the photo Natalie put on face book today when they went to a movie in between Kimble's and Carter's swim meet, soccer game, and Cross Fit.

We love you, Steve.  Sounds like you had a great birthday!

Our neighbors - Steve Ormond and Dave Gibbons, came and helped switch the couch and love seat around in the family room so we could put up the "kids' fresh green Christmas tree."  Walt hadn't found my camera yet, but he did later that day.

Then we went to the matinee of The Nutcracker in it's 27th year in Burley put on by Jennifer Sager's dance studio.

Colleen McCall called us for our assignment for Monday's Christmas FHE.  I chose dessert.  Tonight after homemade taco salad supper, we went to get some candy canes, marshmellos, and graham crackers for the Refrigerator Peppermint Dessert (I put the recipe on last week's blog).

Smith's was plum out of miniature marshmellos, so I'll have to cut up some of the big ones I have at home.  I had about half a bag of mini-ones, so I think it will work.
(They must have had a big sale on miniature marshmellos that we missed.)

December 13, 2015 - Sunday

I didn't take one photo today.

We had a peaceful Sabbath Day.
Cambree King, daughter of President Tracy and Candace Wyatt King spoke in Sacrament Meeting after returning from her 18-months serving in the Honduras Comayaguela Mission.  
When missionaries testify of being guided by the Spirit on their mission, we know they figured it out! She bore strong testimony of Heavenly Father and the Savior, Jesus Christ.
When she ended with her testimony in Spanish, we were amazed at how well and how rapidly she spoke her mission language.
Here is Hermana King's photo that her mother put on face book before she got home on Wednesday night, Dec. 9.

It's always good to see the grandparents of Hna. King--Farrell and Dee King, plus Neal and Kenna Wyatt.  Cambree had a lot of family come to support her.
We pray you have had a peaceful and a restful Sabbath Day.
We share our testimony that Heavenly Father knows each of us by name and loves us.
Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Redeemer of the World.
Joseph Smith is the Prophet of the Restoration of all Truth.
The Book of Mormon is true and is Another Testament of Jesus Christ, as is the Bible.
Thomas S. Monson is the living Prophet for the whole world today.
Of these truths we testify.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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